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nick MTPorcupine3
country United States
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Experience: 7 years

About me

My name is Rich, and I first experienced teaching English as a child, when my family hosted Japanese foreign exchange students in California. Since that time, I have studied, and I'm still learning several foreign languages, including French, Japanese, and Spanish.

  As a student of foreign languages, I know what it takes to learn them, and I impart that knowledge and experience to my students. As one who can communicate, to one degree or another in the aforementioned languages, I specialise in helping native speakers of these languages identify and correct common mistakes, false cognates, and the like so that you can learn to let go of translating in your head, and think in English.   For this reason, I am especially interested in, but not limited to teaching advanced students who are French, Japanese and Spanish speakers. I specialise in helping you fine tune your English. I pay attention to such details as intonation (the 'music' of your speech), liaisons and the flow of your words, accent reduction, formation of the mouth and placement of the tongue for clear and proper pronunciation, and lesser known grammatical and spelling points that even many native English speakers overlook.    I can help you with not only your conversational skills, but also with your written works: essays, letters, reports, theses, job applications--you name it.   I teach etymology, idiomatic expressions, slang (yes, including 'dirty words'), dialectic differences among nations and regions, and borrowed words from other languages.   Not only do I have a BA in foreign languages from Principia College, but I have certification in TESL/TEFL from Transworld Teachers, two years experience teaching EFL in Japan, and several years experience tutoring ESL in California.   I currently tutor EFL, and substitute teach for local language schools in South America.