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Engaging Student-Centered Lessons to Help You Learn Effective Communication Skills

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nick reech19
country Japan
languages English


I am a TESOL certified EFL (English as a Foreign Language) Teacher with more than eight years of teaching experience. I have a degree in Speech Communication from the University of the Philippines where I graduated with honors. I am currently doing my masters degree in Distance Education and focusing on understanding how to develop effective Educational materials and teaching approaches that suit the needs and goals of learners who study online. I have always been passionate about teaching online because I understand the importance of being able to reach out and communicate in our interconnected and global world.

I currently live in Japan where I teach full time in a private English Conversation school. I have lived and worked in this beautiful country for five years. While I enjoy classroom teaching, my interest and enthusiam towards teaching via the Internet has always been there. 

My students enjoy my teaching methods because I make sure that their needs  and goals as language learners are met and through highly motivating and engaging lessons. Most importantly, they get a lot of talk time. My classes are not and will not be lectures! I want my student to not be afraid to talk. They are encouraged to have a lot of talk time in class because this is one of the effective ways to evaluate student level and progress in class. Also, it is always very rewarding to be able to help my students achieve their goals and exchange insights about life, culture; arts; the world. 

Experience: 8 years

About me

The course is customized to your needs and goals as a learner:

Build your vocabulary (You can easily acquire new words and expressions through topics and themes.) 

Develop Confidence through listening, pronunciation and speaking exercises;

Master the art of asking and answering questions; (ask some more and keep the conversation flowing);

Keep you motivated and enjoy language learning to the fullest.