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nick Pelinkovac
country Argentina
languages Croatian, English, Spanish


Lawyer, and University Professor of Law Sciences.

Experience: 24 years

About me

Maybe I don't have the perfect formula for success, but I know very well what you never must do if you want to learn or teach a language.

Long boring lessons to learn verbs and grammar, can be useful for people who wants to write academic texts, or literature, but are not necessary to get communicated.

I speak three languages: Spanish, Croatian and English. Spanish and Croatian I learned at home, with (argentinian) parents and (croatian) grandparents, before I was 6. Much later, at School, I learned verbs and grammar. But no one can say that I was not able to speak correctly before going to School....

Many years later, I learned English. I tried many methods, but the most effective ones were those which idea was similar to the "home based learning". That is: a) Learn the idea; b) Say the words; c) Read and write.

So, my goal is that you can be speaking and understanding Spanish from the first day, and each day a bit more and a bit better. 

Of course, if you already speak some Spanish or are studying it at school or anywhere, and want to improve or practise, I can offer to you a very high academic level, since I am an University Professor, so you will have a very accurate correction if needed.