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nick xchak
country United States
languages English


see resume

Experience: 25 years

About me


Degree Senior year present status
Graduation period Jan, 1976 - Jan, 1980 (4 years)
School Cal State Fullerton

Degree General/Art
Graduation period Jan, 1974 - Jan, 1977 (3 years)
School Fullerton College

Degree General Art
Graduation period Jan, 1974 - Jan, 1976 (2 years)
School Fullerton College

Degree High School Diploma
Graduation period Jan, 1970 - Jan, 1974 (4 years)
School Huntington Beach High School

JOB EXPERIENCE: I worked at four different language schools in Japan, USA, and Taiwan.

Position Title English teacher
Employment period Jan, 2000 - Jan, 2005 (5 years)

Company Name:

Bilingual Language School
23-17 Mei, Eki 1-Chome Naka Maraku
Sasa Jima Bld. #7
450 Nagoya Japan

Contact: Mrs. Kondo
Ph # 052-561-7101

Job duties: teaching english (group + private lessons)

Company Name:

Position Title English teacher
YMCA (Taiwan, Taipei) Taipei, Taiwan 10047 19th street Xuchang
Ph # +886 2 2311 3201

Job duties: teaching english (group + private lessons)


Company Name:

ELS Language Center
c/o Chapman University
333 North Glassell Street
Orange Ca 92666 USA

Job Description: English teacher

Contact: Margaret L. Teske ph # 714-538 6800


San Clemente High School
700 Avinida Pico
San Clemente Ca 92672

Job Description: Tutor (avid tutor program)

Contact: Joe Moros Ph # 714-492-4165 or 714-361-6952


Shore Cliff Middle School
240 Via Socorro
San Clemente, Ca 92672

Job Description: Tutor (avid tutor program)

Contact: Ph # 714-498-1660


Dana Hills High School
33333 Golden Lantern
Dana Point Ca 92629

Job Description: Tutor (avid tutor program)

Contact: Ph # 714-496-6666

Employment period

Dec, 2005 - October 2010


Other Various Jobs:

Fullerton College (art dept.)
321 E. Chapman
Fullerton Ca 92632

Contact: Marci Martinez or Terri Lopez
Ph # 714-992-7317


Cal State University Fullerton
800 N. State College Blvd.
Fullerton Ca 92634

I worked in the controllers office (contact: Lydia Rodriguez ph # 714- 773-2511) and also the school of

the arts deans office (contact: Pat Ford ph # 714-773-3256)


Community Services
4175 Fairmont Blvd.
Yorba Linda Ca 92686

Job Description: Data Entry, Typing, Phones, Reception, Enrollment, Billing, Customer Relations.

Contact: Ted Spriggs ph # 714-779-8577


Abbey Road Distributors
2228 S. Ritchey
Santa Ana Ca 92705

Job Description: Buyer for music cd's.

Contact: John Kundrat Ph # 714-827-7177



All ok.

I certify the above is true.

Mark Krischak




Why did you come to Japan?

I lived and worked in Japan for four years, and have been married to my present Japanese wife

Sayoko for twenty nine years. We have lived in both Japan and the USA, but are now back in

Japan to live and work.

What do you like best about Japan?

Food, people, and culture.

What do you plan to do during your stay here?

Work and learn about the Japanese culture and language.

What interests you most in Japanese culture?

The fact that the Japanese people keep their history and culture *alive*.

How long are you planning to stay in Japan?

A very long time.

Do you speak Japanese?

A little, and want to learn more.


Please give a brief account of your teaching experience.

I have worked with all ages in many different types of schools and

settings. I am very easy going, and would be happy to teach the English language to any age group. I

enjoy teaching, and also like to see the students progress in all areas of their English language

learning experience.

Please briefly describe the factors which you feel are of importance in learning a language. Also, make mention of the language teaching methodology which you feel most comfortable using.
You may also wish to briefly touch on your philosophy of teaching. You may use the back of this sheet if necessary.

I believe that learning can be fun and interesting at the same time. It is very easy for me to see

what areas different students need work in, (for example: listening, comprehension, pronunciation, understanding, etc.) and if
given some freedom, I can teach any student to speak, listen, and communicate effectively, and within a short time. I also believe
that learning should not be forced, and that it should be natural.

Thank you

and I look forward to meeting you soon.

Mark Krischak