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Learn Spanish: conversation, grammar. Achive fluency with a native speaker

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nick wheeleruthvt
country Italy
languages Italian, Spanish


Qualifications & Experience

I graduated in Argentina , I'm a language teacher and I have a second degree in tourism which is why initially I applied my language skills to teach geography and history.

Bachelor in Languages applied to: geography and history. Year 1995 - Argentina

Bachelor in Tourism. Year 2000 - Argentina

Master Degree in Immigration and multiculturalism: Communication between cultures. Year 2007/2008 in Italy.

I love studying which is why I decided to improve my language skills and complete a Master's Degree. The main purpose of it was to understand the value of language and how communication works between different cultures. Later I obtained a certificate in the Official School of Languages ​​.

Since 2011 I have started to use the on-line teaching method , initially with people who wanted to travel around the world and then with people who needed to learn a new language for their work or daily life.

During all these years I have had the opportunity to teach to children, young adults and students at different levels including beginner, intermediate and advanced.

I focus especially on getting students to acquire some fluency in speaking and self-confidence and in helping students to prepare for official exams like DELE, job interviews, or to acquire technical language.

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https://www .youtube.com/watch?v=YXTJbR3oh JQ

Experience: 20 years

About me

About me

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Hola a todos!

 I've been teaching Spanish to young people for 20 years.

I love teaching and I think it is an enriching experience that allows me the possibility to share and exchange ways of thinking and different points of view with my students.

I have traveled to different countries, both in the America Continent and Europe, which has helped me to get to know better different cultures and to learn about innovative learning methods.

I love reading history books and I love literature. I am passionate about good food and I try to prepare international dishes every weekend.

I like learning new languages, doing outdoor activities and taking walks with my pet. I consider it important to keep the body and mind always active.


Teaching Approach

My slogan is:

"Talk to someone in a language she/he understands and the words will arrive to her/his brain. Talk to him/her in his/her native language and the words will touch her/his heart. Passion is everything in life".

It is important to experience total language immersion for those looking to learn or improve a new language. That is why I try to develop the classes fully in Spanish. I try to teach students sentences and frequently used expressions related to areas of relevant importance in everyday life.

Personally I focus on helping student's to develop skills in conversation but I also teach grammar, pronunciation and new vocabulary.

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