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nick ericzavala12
country United States
languages English, Spanish


Througout my years at high school I had learn and had master the concept of math. Due to sucess of teaching of my teachers I was able to gain enough knowledge about the different types of math. My teaching skills was so significant because unlike other subjects, math was one of my talents that I had encounter in my nineteen year life. As a student and as a teacher I love and is passion about to teach students who need my assitance and help in math. Unlike other teachers who are busy to stay after school or tutoring I can be avialble for students who are struggling in alegbra, gemotry, and alegbra 2. Some of my favorite topics that I love to teach is linear equatuions and finding the vertex of an equation. For instance graphing a linear equation and find the slope are few examples. 

Experience: 4 years

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Hello my name is Eric Zavala and I am excited and eager to be a tutor to many students in the near future. Due to my experience as a teacher and a student I gain alot of information from of  teachers and older siblings in math. Math has been one of my favorite subjects that I love and is passion about. Since I was at University High School I tutor many students who didnt understood the concepts of alegbra and its meaning. One of my benefits of teaching was that as a teacher I made sure that the students understand and had master it. In addition I also made math fun because I encounter with the students and have a good communication.