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nick corkypeavy
country Nicaragua
languages English, Spanish


I have worked for 4 Spanish schools in San Juan Del Sur since 2005. The work tends to be fragmented because most of the students come in the summer when tourism peaks.

I enjoy tutoring because unlike teaching I have the flexibility to tailor my instruction to my student’s needs and desires. I’ve taught students from the U.S., Canada, Holland, Norway, Italy, Australia, Germany, Russia, Israel, Korea, Japan and Australia so I am a vicarious world traveler! One student who was a lot of fun was the director of the famous Circus of Soleil.

My Mom was one of the first pioneers who had the vision for teaching Spanish in Nicaragua. She trained my sister and I and a large number of teachers in this area and ran several schools, so Spanish tutoring is the family business I grew up in. Unfortunately she died last year of cancer. We inherited her parrot, Adela, who lives with us but we haven’t succeeded in teaching her to speak much Spanish or any other language for that matter. She does blow us kisses occasionally, though, which makes us smile.

I live with my husband, Max, and my daughter, Janice, who is 12 years old.


Experience: 8 years

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