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French + ESL (Conversation and more)

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19.20 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick acarten
country United States
languages English, French


  • B.A. Education (French and English)
  • < li>Online Instruction Certificates + experienced teaching - Online Teaching Methodology and Wow (World Language Online Wonders) + Educate Online (Math/Reading, K-12).
  • F rench Languages – native language + certified + experienced
    • Havi ng had the chance to live in various places that require strong knowledge of French and English helps me teach these beautiful languages.
    • Indeed, integrating both, technology and my knowledge/experience with worldwide cultures, has always been quite beneficial for me as a Foreign Language teacher, and to my students.
  • Strong technology skills with experience in teaching with teachers, as a Technology Resource Teacher to help them integrate technology into their curriculum, along with 17 years of outstanding experience in working with technology.

Experience: 13 years

About me

Hello, bonjour,

As a certified and experienced, I am pleased to offer my services!

Here is what I have to offer for both French and/or ESL Learners, as well as with technology:


Conversation - Let's talk together en "français" or in English for ESL Learners. This is a great opportunity to speak with a French native speaker and certified teacher who is also experienced and certified to teach ESL, as I have learned to speak English, just as you are doing right now!

I can help you pronounce correctly and bring corrections when needed.
Classes are offered as you wish, individual or as a group when enough students sign up.


Beginners classes - Are you new? Well, we all were new at one point and, thanks to God, we learned to speak our native language, so now it's time for you to learn a new one!

Let's do it together - I can give you various practices to do and we can also use an online board as if we were in a face-to-face class time without seeing each other. Classes are offered as you wish, individual or as a group when enough students sign up.


More than 6 years teaching teachers how they could integrate technology. Along with this interesting experience, I enjoy working with a variety of software and online tools. So, why not sharing my knowledge with you? Just let me know what you need, so I can tell you if I can teach you.


10 - 18 years old (females only)
18 years old to adult (females only)
5 - 9 years old (males and females


Please, make sure that you fall under one of the age groups categories, because once you register, I am not going to be able to teach you if you are older than 10 years old and are a males, since this goes against my religious believe. Thank you so very much.

***GROUP LESSONS are also available: $15 a student. Find a group of 3+ friends or colleagues and together we can have interesting classes. Just let me know your special needs so I can teach exactly what you are looking for (ex: conversation, travel, business, etc.).

***CHILDREN - When teaching children, I make sure to make the hour fun for them!


SKYPE: acarten