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nick GyanOne
country India


  • Teaching is done ONLY by top international B-school graduates with 760+ scores on the GMAT. Get taught by the best, so that you can do better than your best!

Experience: 5 years

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Outstanding GMAT coaching from top instructors with minimum scores of 770 on the GMAT

GMAT coaching in Delhi has a new premium address. GyanOne presents GMATOne™ – GMAT preparation that is suited to YOU.Confused about how to prepare for the GMAT? Not sure about the value that a classroom program can add? Scared of high prices for training? GyanOne is here to put an end to these concerns. Here is how our training program can help:

All instruction is done live – no recorded videos, no remote guidance.

  • Extensive course material covering concepts, solved examples, and practice problems to help you not just learn, but master the material
  • More than 30 section tests and more than 1000 practice questions to prepare you for the real exam in a structured, rigorous and disciplined manner
  • More than 10 Computer Based Tests (CBTs) to get you used to the exam format and more than 10 Paper Based Tests (PBTs) to give you sufficient practice

With a plethora of options for GMAT coaching in Delhi, why should you choose us? We believe we provide you with simply the best chance to get a fantastic score on the GMAT! So sure are we of the quality of our offering that we offer you a free class to come and review our methods, before you commit to join us for the course!

Consider the special features offered by our course:
  • 1000+ questions covering different parts of the test
  • Extensive practice on both Computer based adaptive GMAT tests
  • Tips on solving questions using multiple methods
  • Strategies to manage time and improve accuracy
  • Help on identifying weak areas and strengthening them
  • Plenty of solved examples to build basic concepts
  • Plenty of tests to enforce concept learned (including Full Lengh Tests)
  • Computer practice to help you get familiar with the GMAT CAT
  • Intense training on Integrated Reasoning and the Analytical Writing Assessment
  • Questions that are highly representative of the kind of questions on the GMAT