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Powerful Pitching & Presentation Skills That GET Results - Technique Used By Google

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nick LisaTully
country Ireland
languages English


I am a friendly, experienced and enthusiastic trainer. Originally from Ireland my bubbly Irish ways, drive and passion for training quickly spreads to my participants where the learning process is both fun and effective. 

I initially started my training career teaching English as a foreign language. A few years later I moved into pharmaceutical sales where I was consistently called upon to create and deliver trainings to her colleagues, peers and customers. 

This led to me to eventually starting up my own training company where I both created and delivered trainings for one to one and group scenarios. Then I teamed up with an internationally successful and award winning training consultancy. 

The clients of this organisation range from Fortune 500s like Google, Procter & Gamble and McKinsey & Co to local government and charities like Oxfam and the British Red Cross. 

The purpose behind all of my work as a trainer is to empower people to thrive in all environments ultimately making them more effective and creative people.

I am currently based in Dublin, Ireland.

Experience: 10 years

About me

Why Do This?

How tough are things getting out there for businesses? Will it get better or easier in the weeks and months to come? Are you competitive enough to cope with the fact that funding assessors are being cut yet application volumes are increasing?

Now more than ever our state of the art pitching techniques are critical to your success. At the end of this clinic you will be highly effective at:

- Securing Funding
- Winning Bids
- Selling Yourself
- Generating Collaboration Opportunities

We will give you not one way but a variety of techniques that makes you supple yet effective so you can choose and apply as needed.

Why This Clinic?

The history of these materials is they have helped clients close £2 billion worth of business over the last 3 years.

How does it run?

This clinic can be run as a 3.5 hour one to one session or as a full day group session.  

What do others think?

“Goodness to this day the young people still refer to their training received on the pitching training to prepare for their presentations and they have been successful to win four more commissions, yippee!”
                                          - Lorraine Brown Enterprise Manger Head for Business

What will you leave with?

- Intuitive planning methods that can be used with or without the benefit of time
- Fluent usage of a structuring method that is supple yet effective
- Greater confidence through enhanced clarity
- Natural flair to not only answer improv questions but to shine in them
- The ability to generate long term impact that gets you results
- Tried and tested techniques that can be applied immediately