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nick unravelingmi
country United States
languages English, Spanish


  • BS Computer Science
  • TESOL Certified
  • 6 Years Teaching Experience

I' ve given thousands of online lessons to students from every continent in the world except Antarctica since 2009, and I've been teaching English online at LingQ (http://ww w.lingq.com/profile/Unraveling Mind) for over 4 years. I have an absolute passion for language learning (I'm a language learner myself, and speak Spanish as a second language) and helping people achieve their goals. I've helped many students pass their TOEFL exams, assisted students in qualifying for H1B Visas, and helped students learn to establish real, meaningful interpersonal connections with native English speakers around the world.

I operate my own computer repair/service business, and have been teaching English online for 6 years. During that time, I've also taught English to students living in the United States, to help them pursue their dreams and achieve a high level of fluency.

Experience: 6 years

About me

Don't fall for the same traditional language learning methods that produce the same poor results! Speak English with a certified native from America now! 

With me, you will delve into the topics that you never thought you could touch before in a foreign language. Talk about your opinion on current events, politics, philosophy, religion, science, music, social issues, technology, and so much more; your potential is boundless... unlock it!

Services include:

Native Natural Conversation Lessons, TOEFL Preparation,  Accent Reduction, Writing Corrections, Article/Book Recording, H1B Information, Immigration Assistance & More!

Have you ever wondered why schools consistently produce students that can't even have basic conversations in English, even though they've often been learning it for 10 or more years?

The reason is very simple:

Too much time is wasted on studying the language itself, instead of using it in enjoyable and meaningful ways. 

My name is Andy Seabolt, and I'm a TESOL certified native English speaker born and raised in the USA. One thing I learned while on my own language learning adventure, is that languages are as alive as the humans who speak them! To make real gains in the language, we have to spend time using the language in ways that are enjoyable. The reason it should be enjoyable, is because if you enjoy it, you will want to keep doing it! I'm here to show you how to do that, and have fun with you in the process.

One thing that many teachers don't properly prepare their students for is how to effectively and approrpriately use idiom and slang to make natives feel much more comfortable and let their guard down around you. I specialize in helping English learners do this very well.

My lessons will prepare you for real world interactions with natives. Try a natural English lesson today, and let me help you in your jounrey to fluency! 

***Each conversation comes with a free conversation report!

- Trial lessons are $3 for 15 minutes, or $6 for 30 minutes

- Discounts offered for scheduling 5 or more conversations simultaneously.

 Skype: UnravelingMind

Add me and I will send you a free audio recording of my voice so you can hear what I sound like!