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nick Ms.Chesca
country Philippines
languages English, Filipino


Hello there!

I'm Chesca, a cheerful, optimistic and bubbly teacher who enjoys surfing the net, cooking and spending time with my family and friends.

I've been teaching English to foreigners for about 5 years now and it really gives me a sense of fulfillment. It's so rewarding to see my students improve their language skills and I love the fact that because of my help, they feel more confident and are able to achieve their goals. I make sure my students have fun in my class because I believe it's the best way to motivate them to learn more.

I would also like to invite you to try The CALLAN Method because not only does it make the learning of English interesting, students can  also learn the language in a quarter of the time taken by any other method on the market.

I'm looking forward to teaching, chatting and having fun with you soon!

See you!

Here are my rates:

50-minu te class:

Regula r lesson: 4 USD

Callan Lesson: 6 USD

25-minute class:

Regula r lesson: 2 USD

Callan lesson: 3 USD

Experience: 4 years

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     How the Method achieves its results in a quarter of the time:

  • As the Callan Method student listens and speaks four times more during a classroom lesson than he would with any other form of language teaching, he naturally learns in a quarter of the normal time.
  •      The Method consists solely of 12 booklets of an average length of 117 pages each. No grammar books, books of dictations or reading-texts etc are required and no dictionaries, except a pocket dictionary for occasional use.

  • 100% concentration: During any classroom lesson, the average student probably only listens to what is going on for sometimes as little as 25% of the time – unless he is studying his favorite subject.
  •      Constant participation in the lesson, defeats boredom and gives pleasure. With other subjects, one usually needs time to reflect, but not with language learning in its mechanical stages – no more than one needs time to reflect when learning to type or play the piano.

  •      Callan Method students are forced to learn because they are constantly obliged to answer a question – which is why the Method results can be guaranteed.

  •      No need for the student to know any grammar: The Callan Method student needs know nothing whatsoever about grammar – not even in his own language. He does not even need to know the difference between a verb and a noun, as it is all explained to him in a very simple manner and in words he has already learnt as he proceeds through the Method. All the usual grammar that is found in any English course is explained to him in a very logical way as he progresses.

  • Don’t think: just copy: The student is asked not to think when studying with the Callan Method, but just to copy. He is not studying history or philosophy. He is like a child. One of the reasons children learn a language quicker than adults, if they go to live in the country where the language is spoken, is that they do not stop to think – they just copy. A child also does not stop to think when learning its own language – it just copies.


Accept the Method as it is it works: As with the English language in general, the student is asked to accept the Callan Method as it is, and not puzzle over it – if he does, it will slow him down. It works, and gets him the result he wants. Once he has achieved his ends, he can analyze things if he wishes. Also he should not change the Method in any way to suit his personal theories of language learning, but follow the instructions that accompany it, to the letter, if he wishes to obtain the guaranteed results.