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Native English speaker I have taught English for 7 years Talking is the best way to learn a language You want to prepare for a job interview Practice your interview with me,I am experienced in this field,it will improve your chances of success

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nick MrSmile
country Cambodia
languages English


Qualifications and Experience My qualifications include a diploma in hotel and catering administration,certification in training Management, management principles , financial management and marketing , I possess a wide variety of other certifications in various disciplines ,management skills was something that I learned over time while climbing the management ladder.I was at one time a National Qualifications Assessor .I have taught English at various levels, from student beginners to advanced students , the students would vary from school children , high school students ,to mature adults .  English sounds are not used in many other languages , As a result of this I focus on auditory discrimination training.and then have students practice with minimal pairs and repitition of the phonemes in the  initial, medial,and final positions in the words.The student target market /audience I am focusing on is in Asia and includes Cambodia ,China ,Indonesia ,Japan ,Korea, Laos, Malaysia, Mayanmar, Thailand. Taiwan,Vietnam and other Asian nationals that are interested in learning English . Most if not all of my teaching materials are focused on the primacy of spoken English .In recent years it has been argued on both linguistic  and psycholigical grounds that spoken language should be the principle objective in language teaching . Traditional grammarians who taught language by talking in the venacular about language by setting written translations and largely written grammatical exercises neglected a very important principle . On the whole people learn what they do .Do something enough times and you will become competent in doing it thereafter .Their students did in fact have plenty to do. But the pretence was that they were learning to  speak a foreign language .Students discover this when they arrive in an English speaking country having passed school English examinations ,but with a few English utterances to offer a native English speaker .They are almost completely unrehearsed in English speaking skills. This is major problem for people learning another language. ALERT  .major companies employ people with an English certificate who are able to SPEAK and WRITE in English.You put yourself at a a disatvantage if you do not have these skills.I am well aware of the many difficulties that people from Asian countries have in learning English

Experience: 7 years

About me

My handle is MrSmile this name was given to me by Khmer friends.At that time my real name was unknown to them,so they gave me the handle Mr Smile , I later found out about the name as Avy ,a friend mentioned my name Alan to them ,who is Alan they said? Oh! Mr Smile          a piece of trivia!


Free Lesson

The first 20 minute lesson is free!  It is a time for introductions, so both the tutor and pupil can find out if the tutor is able to fulfill the students needs , and the tutor can find out the students proficiency level in English. Then decide if it would be beneficial to both student and tutor .

I have taught English in Cambodia for the past seven years .At present I am a Teaching consultant at Springfield  On facebook   I also teach English at other schools in Phnom Penh.teaching Business English is my forte. My business skills knowledge is factual not theoretical,I have owned and operated a number of businesess and held senior managment positions ie' General  a variety of companies Why I focus on speaking and listening. Language use respectivley is .1 establishing and maintaining social relations . 2 expressing ones reactions. 3 hiding ones intentions .4 talking ones way out of trouble .5 seeking and giving information .6 learning or teaching others to do or make something. Examination of these catagories helps to show why the oral approach is probably the most satisfactory in the teaching of English to adults .On the whole learners ,tourists ,executives,receptionists ,university students share a desire to use spoken English.The fact  that probably more time needs to be spent on productive skills  {Speaking and Writing ]rather than receptive skills Listening and Reading  if an equivalent level of efficiency is to be reached reflects the fact that comprehension of language oustrips productive capacity .

Teaching Approach

I like to foster a relationship with the students, so the tutor and student and have interactive English lessons . Time online will be used for conversations /speaking / listening which will be reinforced with the conversation self study materials . I would advise students to take their lesson with a peer  / friend as it makes the learning experience more enjoyable and more effective. Research shows that when boys and girls are placed in mixed gender pairs the use of language can be up to 35 time higher than in boy boy pairings ,and the quality of language also improves .I would  also advise all students to have in addition to a dictionary a Thesaurus and a Lexis ,both books will  assist in improving your English vocabulary and comprehension .To add variety to lessons .some humor ,proverbs,colloquialisms,euphemisms ,one liners and other grammar materials into the lesson , the proverbs etc helps to give students an insight to the nations culture /  humor. Sets of structured conversation are available ,They are integrated the conversation will revolve around one topic for 4-10 lessons . They are very good for the student in aquiring a better level of comprhension of the English language , support information will include  explanations on the grammar, tenses. situation, formal or informal,style ,stress and other points of interest in the conversation

Job Interview  

IE one of my students wanted to know if his English was up to standard for an upcoming interview for a pilot on an airline, we talked and came to the conclusion that 3-4 mock interviews was a good way to prepare him for the actual interview ,I obtained interviewing materials for a pilot ,we varied the questions during each mock interview , at each interview he would come in cold not knowing what to expect , that is how it is with a real interview ,and a pilot interview can be intimidating,there is a saying ,fail to prepare, prepare to fail.Ilie has has improved his chances of success.I wish Ilie well .


For business English students Below are some examples and sub catagories

Introductions Social situations ,greetings ,body language ,formality / informality , cultural differences , Asking appropriate questions .

Describing self company and products ie Business knowledge ,describing trends

Business Vocabulary ie Procedures and processes

Marketing Buying and selling ie Bargaining Asking about products  

Using the Telephone ie politness , appropriate speech

Business Meetings ie Roles Leaders Participants  Focusing on Topic       Analyzing Business Situations ie using facts and figures ,Making Recommendations 

Marketing Target ie Audience , Promotion  

Business Correspondence ie Internal reports External Business letters  Business presentations ie Self-confidence ,Positive Attitude 

For any other English Business Subjects please contact me