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Conversational English for Fluency - Focus on topics that are engaging to YOU

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nick ian.oaxaca
country United States
languages English, Spanish


I have been teaching english at an english academy in Oaxaca, Mexico for a year. I am a student of psychology, I am also a very experienced artist, musician, athlete, martial artist, and traveler. I study and speak spanish and began to teach english because I enjoy it and find it very rewarding.

I have gained a lot of exposure to psychology, philosophy, the spanish language, Mexican culture, romance, martial arts, and teaching.

Experience: 2 years

About me

Hi, my name is Ian. I am currently living in Oaxaca, Mexico and teaching english at an english academy -AS OF NOW I AVAILABILITY DURING THE WEEK, NOT SATURDAY-

contact me on skype!: ian.auchmoody2

These sessions will be focused on getting you speaking just like an american english speaker. We will engage in very fluent and INTERESTING conversation on any topics that you like.

Most importantly these sessions will NOT be BORING. They will be focused on getting you talking at full speed about things that you find interesting so that it motivates you to keep going.

Second most importantly you will be learning to speak like an american english speaker. This means you will learn common phrases that make sense to you and those you are speaking to. You will learn how to ask and answer questions in a clear way and get your point across to the other person the way you mean to.

We can cover just about any topic that you would like: music, sports, politics, travel, economics, food, games, philosophy, psychology, education, literature, relationships, business, art, language, news, history, science, nature, or anything else you can think of.

Because we can cover such a broad range of topics not only will you come to learn how to speak english like a native speaker but you will also learn some things about american culture. I have a lot to offer when it comes to insight on the lifestyle and culture in america.

This will be a great course for someone who wants to travel to the USA, has recently moved to the USA, or is seeking to travel anywhere where english is spoken.

-ATTN: I am currently working at a school that offers courses to pass the TOEFL, so tutoring for the test is also available through my class.-

Thanks for reading my profile! I hope to talk with you soon!