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Are you clueless as to what you should be doing?

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nick brent.huras
country Thailand
languages English


I have spent the last 3 years writing and contemplating
- How one can know one's life purpose,
- How one can be consistently happy,
- How one can consistently peaceful AND fascinated
- How to chill out more and be easy

My essays and articles have been shared all over the internet and have helped thousands of people.

That said - this is my first run at one-on-one coaching!

This is why I'm offering a half-hour session at only $9. This is a great opportunity to get a good deal on some quality coaching, to test it out and see if you like it. I imagine these will be very important times for the both of us. :)

Thanks for reading!

- Brent

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About me

I'm reaching out to young people, who are just finishing or have just finished a lifetime of education and have no idea what comes next.

If you find:

- you feel listless, like you don't know what you should be doing
- you spend every day doing something that is not satisfying
- you have an inordinate amount of jealousy for some people you know who are doing REALLY well in life
- you don't have any discipline, and often doing any productive thing feels prohibitively difficult
- you're feeling helpless

I can help you!

I know what it's like because I've been there.

Give me a chance to coach you and help you find your way. Even without having met you, I already know that you're of immense value, and that if everyone had a proper chance to get to know you, they would fall in love with you.

It doesn't have to be this hard.

Please take advantage of the free 15 minutes test lesson. There's no risk for you here.