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nick punjabihindi
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I am a post graduate, retired teacher in Hindi. I have 35 years of experience in teaching Hindi to higher secondary, college, and post graduate students. 

Experience: 35 years

About me

Over 35 yrs of career as a full-time professor to college students makes me guarantee that you will be able to speak Hindi within 10 LESSONS with me. Book a FREE, TRAIL LESSON WITH ME NOW! **********************************************************************************************************************************************************************

My teching experience has rewarded me with several accolades from seniors, co-workers, and most of all; from students. I started teaching right after my M.A. (Hindi) from Punjab University, Chandigarh and have been teaching Hindi ever since. Besides writing a 220 page thesis for my M.A. degree on "Vyangyakaar Pratap Narayan Mishra" (Satirist Pratap Narayan Mishra), I have written a lot more publications, poems, and stories in Hindi. 

I was appointed P.G.T Hindi in one of the biggest school organizations in the world- Kendriya Vidyalaya Sangathan, which runs over 1000 schools globally and falls under the Ministry of Human Resources Development, Government of India.

Some of my other notable achievements have been in the field of writing. I have written several poems and stories inspired from society, art, culture, and music as mentioned above. My work has been published in local media magazines and dailies. I have also delivered Hindi lessons on All India Radio, Jammu. 

I retired in 2007 after serving in over 30 years and I have developed my own, easy to understand course in Hindi. After years of experience, I have developed this course which not only makes learning Hindi easy, but also a lot of fun. My course uses both Science and Art to make learning a foreign language easy irrespective of your age or familiarity with the language.  

My course consists of carefully and systematically planned lessons in Hindi and when you take this course, you are sent all the lesson files corresponding to each day's lesson. This technique is particularly effective especially because you don't have to invest a long time reading this material. It is easy to sift through and refreshes your knowledge and understanding of the very same concepts that you learnt earlier on through the lesson.  

So if you are looking to learn Hindi within 10 days or even sooner, I can assure you that you will be able to speak and even write Hindi within 10 days even if you are a beginner in Hindi. There is just one requisite- you should be completely devoted to learn Hindi. 

I am my team have developed an easy and scientific approach for learning Hindi through years of work. We have successfully satisfied many students who had great experiences with our online one-to-one classes. Our classes are dedicated, one-to-one classes that are taken on Skype. 

Punjabi Hindi Online also takes Punjabi classes online for those who would like to learn to speak or read Punjabi. Our Punjabi classes are also one-to-one and are taken through Skype. 

Our classes are custom made and personalized and we take special pains to ensure your learning not only snowballs when you take Hindi or Punjabi classes with us, but it also stays with you longer. This is precisely the reason why we change your view towards a language. Many of our students find that they are way more comfortable with Hindi or Punjabi at the end of a 10 lesson course with us than they were in the beginning. 

We also include lessons to check your progress in the middle of the course. These tests are particularly important as they help you understand what areas you should focus more and help you monitor your progress in real time. 

So if you would like to get started with your first Hindi lesson, visit- http://punjabihindionline.com/services/learn-hindi-punjabi-online/