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World History. Beginners to Advanaced.

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Humanities / History

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nick ADavis8
country New Zealand
languages English, Spanish


I have always loved history and am constantly studying it for my own interest. 

Friend s and workmates have descerned my love of history and have sought me out to teach them certain subjects.

(The best person to teach you a subject is not necessarily one who has got a diploma in it. Often it is one who has  passion for the subject. That's me.)

So teaching History started by accident. 

One workmate was going out with a diplomat and wanted to learn general history so she could follow his conversations.

Another workmate watched war movies and wanted to understand what the wars were about and who they were between.

Ano ther young lad saw a movie set in ancient Rome and wanted to learn what that civilsation was all about.

So I happily took them on a journey through time. (it was like asking a footballl enthusiast to explain the rules of the game)

Each lesson invariable left them with many questions that needed to be addressed next time.

So why shouldn't I offer lessons online and get paid for it? Choose your subject, or let me start at the beginning. There is alot to learn!



Experience: 6 years

About me

I teach History that is of interest to you. Any era, any subject. I have taught all ages.

Do you want to get a general overview of what has shaped the world we live in?

Or are you more interested in a specific time period?

(My favourite include Ancient Greece and Rome, Biblical History, Medieval Europe and World War Two.)

We will work through the characters, nations, events and idiologies that shaped history. You choose the subject in your free lesson and I will put together the lesson for you.

Each lesson will invariably leave you with many questions that needed to be addressed next time!