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Motivation: "Feed" your self-motivation

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nick Naharror
country Spain
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Work in schools, colleges and schools in Spain, Morocco and Orphanages in Darjeelling - India. Relaxation and meditation courses in Chiang Mai (Thailand) and Bali (Indonesia) Holistic treatments experience in Australia, Europe and Canada.

Experience: 9 years

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What is Your Motive?

Fundamental to self-motivation is understanding what motivates you to do things. This may sound straightforward but sometimes your motivation is hidden from your consciousness – your own personal hidden agenda. Your motivation may well change from hour to hour, day to day and through life. As this happens your needs, wants and goals change and evolve. Murder mystery novels, TV shows and movies are a popular genres, but the stories are often less about, “Who Did It” and more about, “Why’ they did I” – what was their motive? Sleuths spend their time looking for physical clues and listening to alibis, but often the most gripping part of the story is in working out the murderer’s motives. It may take some detective work to understand your motives too. What makes you do the things you do, and maybe more importantly what stops you from doing other things? All the successes and barriers to achieve them are within oneself. Getting the best potential of each person depends on several factors. External factors such as health, economic situation, emotional and luck are influent in our emotional system and professional development. The main causes of our “way of action” are internal balances. Specific treatments, motivation, meditation, professional orientation and especially soul together with a great capacity for conversation will make a 99% improvement in your performance.