“A Road Map To Your Destination”™

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nick CoachKing
country United States


Although CoachKing earned his BSc Degree in Crimnal Justice Administration, and started his Masters degree program at the John Jay School of Criminal Justice in New York City, he was also former Human Resources Director/Trainer,New York State Certified private Secuerity Instructor and now Certified Private security Instructor for the State of Virginia, his training in educational technology stems from academia akll the way up to Homeland secuerity and the FBI National Academy.

CoachKing is a Workforce Service Representative with the Virginia Employment Commisiion in Alexandria, and has underwent training with the State of Virginia in Workforce Services Programs held at the Richmond headquarters of the Virginia Employment Commission.

CoachKing is Don Giberson Certified  Law of Attraction Coach, Trainer and Consultant, mentored and trained by him at the  Higher Consciousness Institute (HCTI) of Canada.

“A Road Map To Your Destination”™ is the signature theme of CoachKing. His other workshop series "Be There Now”™ is given at selected times.


Experience: 20 years

About me

This workshop reaches out to young people, building their motivation and self-esteem through teaching them about themselves and how their mind works. It teaches them about the laws of life and how they are already using it every day but unknowingly.

This course will help them explore their interests and further learn how to find out what their passion in life is. Once they can determine their passion in life, it can help them focus more on what they want to be rather than if they can be that what they wish to be. Educating them about the value of coaching (there are coaches in their school for sports and academic concerns), this knowldge can help them achieve their dreams and unlocks within them the knowledge they need to discover their inner strength.

This course will help them to move from where they are now, to where they want to be, but with more awareness as to what they are using to get there and why it may take so long. It will help them develop the tools to improve their academic studies. It will encourages them to achieve far greater than they could imagine, if they follow the principles revealed to them. Through the structured training program, they will gain inspiration, direction, motivation, and answers to questions that they may have always been asking, but could never get a satisfactory answer back. However this time, they will be working with another branch of physics, that will give them a clearer understanding of why these questions have not been answered to their satisfaction.

This is not a counseling course or service which focuses on issues that prevent you from moving forward. It is a coaching service that helps you develop the skills to help you go to where you wish to go, just like a coach in any kind of sport or academic activity showing you the kinds of exercises or study habits and how to navigate the road towards your goals.This is a Coaching program.

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