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nick laurarmony
country France
languages English, French


I'm a 20 years old young women. I was born in France, and i've always leaved here (except for one little year : yes i know i've cheated on my country for Scotland), after my degree i decided to go to university where i study law.

I'm a dynamic, patient, kind and understanding personn.

I started teaching french when i was in highschool. In Scotland i've teach 2 childrens how to speack french and now there are almost fluent !! What a pleasure when my student become more and more good in my language !

If you have any question let me know, it will be a pleasure to answer !

Experience: 4 years

About me

It's the summer holiday, you have free time, why don't you challenge yourself by learning the most pretty language on earth, yes i'm talking about French.

Each lesson will be 1 hour, you'll have the pleasure to choose your method :

-If you're a beginner : you'll learn the basics, throught little stories .. You'll have some test every month, the test will be free, it will not count as an hour.

-If you're intermediate : You surely know how to count, but you still struggle with the grammar, than that's the place to be, throught funny exercise you'll know everything about grammar ! Even if you still struggle, learning throught books, musics and movies are the best way to learn. You'll have a test at some point, this test again will be free and will not count as an hour.

-If you're advanced : We'll read books together, talk about it, write another end for the story in respect of the writting kind etc. Once in a month, you'll have a test, about the book, with several question, this test will be free, i'll sent you an email with the questions. (You do not have to buy the book, i'll send PDF for it). This method will help you to talk fluently in french, to be able to read the newspaper, a book, or even understand a music.

Don't forget that i'm here to teach you, so if you already know that you prefer a certain method, than let me know !