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Date: & nbsp; 04/2014     ;      ;  CELTA  -  Certificate to English Language Teaching to Adults – Pass Strong

    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p; British Council Krakow

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Date:    04/2014     ;      ;  TEFL Intense 20 hours

 & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    Manchester, UK.


Date:&nb sp;  06/2006     ;      ;  BSc Business and Marketing

    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp;    & nbsp; Swansea Institute 2006 Grade 2.2


Date:   06/2001     ;      ;  A Levels Business Studies, Maths and I.T 

&nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;     Treorchy Comprehensive 2001


Date:   06/1999     ;      ;  9 GCSEs (Grades 3A, 3B, 4C Including Mathematics and English)

&nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;    &nbs p;     Treorchy Comprehensive 1999


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CV Highlights


  • CELTA Qualified
  • Worked in 6 countries
  • Most recent clients include one of the largest mobile developers in Russia and also key heads of business including Director (owner) and financial managers.






Date of Birth:  &nb sp;    &nb sp;     5th May 1983

Driving Licence:   &nbs p;     Full UK

Interests Include:  & nbsp;     Work, gym, healthy eating, personal development, social environments.


Skill Summary

Stron g interpersonal skills.

Professional, dedicated, hardworking and committed.

The ability to work effectively alone or as part of a team.


C omputer Skills:

Expert in information gathering and internet research

Office and Microsoft Operating Systems



10th March 2014 to 4th April 2014

  • < strong>CELTA qualification at Krakow, Poland with British Council.


29th August 2013 to 9th March 2014 – Private English teacher, St Petersburg Russia

  • Large Mobile Games development – 3 days per week (18 full hours), 4 groups. Intense English – Staff, designers, director.
  • Medium Mobile Games Development – 2 days per week (4 hours) – Business English – Director.
  • Weekend classes with children. Working as an assistant with L1 teacher taking the lead.
  • Multiple private students, usually on weekly classes.
  • Fully customised classes to the student needs, including important life and business topics. Full vocabulary and idioms based around the subject.
  • Current clients include prestige hospitality chains, mobile IT developers, multinational chemical companies and more.


30th April 2013 to 9th August 2013 – English teacher – Native English School - Kiev, Ukraine.

    < li>Teaching English to small groups (>6)
  • Advanced conversation
  • Busines s English
  • Case Studies
  • Audio and feedback.

&nbs p;

10th February 2011 to 20th April 2013 – Director - Belowtradeprices.co.uk

  • Owner and manager of online international web store.
  • Full communication and correspondence application of business English covering topics such as customer service, recommending products or alternatives, closing sales, and processing orders.
  • General English finance book keeping, including recording sales, purchases and VAT.
  • Generation and production of online English advertisements using Google Merchant, Analytics and Adwords.
  • Generation and production of English articles needed for search engine optimisation.
  • Manage ment and education of external overseas staff, improving English and providing training in English for the necessary products.
  • Writing and executing sales spiels in English to be used by overseas staff.

 < /p>

1st August 2010 to 31st January 2011 – Import/Export of clothing (EBay business)

&nb sp;

15th May 2010 to 20th July 2010 – Studio 2000 Adelaide, Australia

  • Worked for a world renowned professional photographic studio in Adelaide. Writing sales spiels and content in English to be used for promotional material within the company.


10th March 2010 to 14th May 2010 – Isuzu Perth,  Australia.

  • Given the role of running the Isuzu showroom in Midland, Perth.
  • Created English promotional material and sales speils for use throughout their worldwide corporation activities.


 2nd February 2010 to 2nd March 2010 – Glass Collector. – Ambar Nightclub Perth, Australia.

  • Glass collector. Weekends.

&nbs p;

28th December 2009 to 28th January 2009 – Walters Point Café, Perth, Australia.

  • English speaking front of house presenter to multinational clients.


5th October 2009 to 20th December 2009  – Barkers Air Conditioning, Sunshine Coast QLD

  • Wo rking with senior contractor installing air conditioning to residential homes
  • Main fitter of ducted air systems
  • Also assisting in the installation of split systems.


15th August 2009 to 1st October 2009 – WKD TRAVEL, Byron Bay, Queensland, Australia.

  • Worked as a travel consultant, meeting people on the street and inviting them in to book trips with the company.
  • Learnt all the pitches for the east coast travel trips, Fraser Island and Whitsundays.
  • Cross selling coaches, hostels and anything else possible to stick in a package with discount.


1st April to 31st August 2009 – Thomas Cook ESCAPADES rep (18-30 rep equivalent)

  • Worked in the holiday resorts of Kavos (Corfu), Malia (Crete) and Laganas (Zante).
  • At peak season was seeing 100-150 arrivals per week and taking around 4-5000 Euros, hitting target.
  • Conducting presentations (welcome meetings) from anything between 10-100 people, objection handling then closing tables afterwards.
  • Sold events, excursions, car hire etc. in order to achieve the sales target
  • Monitored health and safety standards in resort and escalated any issues that may have occurred
  • Regularly visited all allocated properties as appropriate to visit customers.
  • Establish ed a friendly, respectful relationship with all hotel staff, suppliers and airport officials.
  • Guided both day and evening events.


1sr November 2008 to April 1st 2009 – Contractor for D.V.S - Senior Installer/Team Leader - Ducting and Ventilating Services (DVS)

Ÿ  Began as basic sheet metal worker/fitters mate installing ventilation systems on industrial buildings.

Ÿ  Managed and liaised with senior internal staff regarding logistical operational activities within the projects

Ÿ  Managed and liaised with senior external staff regarding progression, alterations, and any suitability issues with regards to the extraction system

Ÿ  Capable of delegation of work and managing teams of workers up to 6 people.

Ÿ  Learnt and built up skills necessary to be able to undertake responsibility of the completion of an extraction system from start to finish, including ductwork, fans, variable control dampers, fire dampers, heat exchanger/recovery units, assembly and fitment of small scale air handling units, large scale air handling units, and most other variations within the area of air extraction

Ÿ  Managed and worked on numerous ventilation projects over 2-3 month periods, including factories, hospitals and council/government buildings.

Ÿ  CSCS Certified, PASMA Certified, Elevated Platform and Cherry Picker Certified.

&nb sp;

1 stAugust - October 2008

Ÿ  Non work-related holiday. Travelled through Thailand and Australia.

&nb sp;

& nbsp;9th June 2008 to 29th August 2008 - T Shirt Kingdom, Malia, Greece

  • Worked as a street sales rep/PR for the clothing shop in the tourist area of Malia, Crete, Greece.
  • Developed my own sales pitch and demo for the store products, in order to bring customers from the street and into the shop to view all the products the store has to offer.  The object was to build up a fun, happy holiday-like rapport which other similar shops in the area were not offering.
  • Was very successful, with the owners reporting a doubling of income from previous times and had to employ another employee to deal with interested customers while I brought more people into the store.
  • Trained up new staff to deal with customers inside the store, dealing with prices and overcome objections.



< p> 2nd February 2008 to 25th May 2008 – COMBINED INSURANCE COMPANY OF AMERICA

    Worked as a sales rep as part of a team selling CICA accident policies in the Swansea and west area, mainly targeting people of a self-employed nature or who undertook in high risk sports I.e. rugby or boxing.
  • Job was commission based, using own transport, and was 50% maintaining existing customers and 50% searching out new customers.
  • Was fast-tracked for management and put forward for the internal company JET (Junior Executive Training) programme. Was taken out of area for a week and placed in Worcester with other selected members from the southern UK division of the company to sell accident policies. Left the week being the highest performing employee and forwarded for phase 2 of 3 of the programme.
  • Being a previous self-employed person, I did not have total faith in the product I was selling, and although my target earnings were between £400/£500 per week I felt I needed to move onto another product.
  • &nb sp;

< strong>1st January 2007 to 31st December 2007 – Contractor DVS – As above


1st July 2006 to 31st December 2006 -  Door To Door Sales Converter -  SWALEC

  • Selling of their cross promotional telephone product to existing gas and electricity customers.

&nb sp;

1st September 2003 to 31st June 2006 -  Swansea University

Degree in Business/Marketing achieved through Swansea Institute of Higher Education gained during period of working for DVS.

Relative areas of study included;

Ÿ  Marketing Strategies (Competitive market analysis, identifying current and future positions, positioning strategies)

Ÿ  Integrated Marketing Communications (Objectives, positioning, branding, resources)

Ÿ  Strategic management (strategic analysis and creation)

Ÿ  Organisational Behaviour


1st July 2002 to 31st August 2003 – Fitters mate – DVS contracting.


Experience: 5 years

About me

Speak and act like a native! Idioms, phrases and collocations. 

Be accepted for the way you speak!

Please see my experience and CV below.

I am a professional English teacher with CELTA qualification who has worked and lived in many countries.

I am sure that I can help you achieve all your goals with English!