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nick jain17aashi
country India


I have more than 5 year of tutoring experience. I work with a student as a team. Every student has different need for learning I work with student according to students need and make help them to achieve their academics goals.

I mainly work to identify the strengths and weaknesses of each student and motivate them to achieve their goals in their education at every level.

I dedicated to helping students reach their highest potential by using a wide range of teaching tools like animation and visual tools. I ensure that every child’s educational needs are met efficiently. We understand that every student would have a preferred tutor and we will ensure that every child is paired up with a tutor of their choice.

Online tests are also regularly given to monitor and evaluate a student’s progress.



Experience: 5 years

About me

My tutoring services come with money back gurantee. If your kids grade not get improve then I will pay you back the fee.

My tutoring services feature:-

I take care about lesson plans, worksheets, assignment and test. I design all study material according to kids requiment. Becuse every kid has different requiment .


My Class Structure:-

•        1.One to two class per week

•        2.Test related to topic every week

•        3.Test discussion every week


Apart of that we are offered extra classes to prepare for Olympiad, mental math.


My Features:-




Concept behind the E-worksheet to give homework, problems, solving previous year paper etc to the student to work at their convenience and free time. Notes related to each topic will be given before the class.


E tutor:-


Concept behind the E tutor is to save time, give comfort to student to discuss any topic where child is facing any problem. The child can request for an online class according to convenience time . Online class not only save time, money but help student to learn subject in fun way.


 E test:-

After completion of each topic we test students and their concept clarity which make us to proceed for next topic. Here we send the test paper online where in parents can pitch in to take the test for their child at their convenient.


Activity class:-

Let your kids be different from others. Let them learn the basic concepts in a fun way to apply them to day to day life through fun leaning projects.


Preparation time:-

Before exams we conduct revision and doubt clearing sessions.


V solution:-


We provide free homework and assignment help with V explanation.