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nick rnadvani
country India
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Proacti ve and dynamic training professional, with over 20 years of experience in 'Training and Development'. Currently spearheading functions as English Language, Communication and  Soft Skills,Voice Culture and Accent Development Professional Trainer.

Possessing valuable insights, keen analysis and team approach to implement best practices used in handling escalations and organizing training modules, adept at working in high pressure environments with strict deadlines and multiple deliverables.

Innovative in designing and framing training modules to effectively and proactively achieve the desired results and meet the defined outcomes.

Demonstrated abilities to motivate and mentor the team, resolve queries, handle escalations with solid contributions across the career path. Highly analytical and creative abilities with excellent skills in organization development and talent building.

Hardworking and an effective communicator with abilities of problem solving through reasoned thought processes and an excellent track record for customer satisfaction, multitasking with an ability to interact comfortably with a wide range of people.

 Key Responsibilities:

Challenged to map training needs, formulate and impart training in soft-skills, communication skills, personality development and confidence building to professionals, graduates, undergraduates and school students.

Entrusted with providing training in ‘Spoken English’ to working professionals, graduate and undergraduate students from English and Vernacular Medium Schools/Colleges.

Entrusted with providing distinctions in the various non-operating areas of life of several students and being instrumental in transforming lives of several students.

Accountable for providing motivation to boost self esteem, self respect and self confidence in them and took some of them out of the examination blues, and social issues. Extend essential grammar and composition skills to Non - English speaking students and caused transformation in them from being non-vocal, hesitant individuals to confident eloquent speakers, through methodical training, patience and perseverance in developing language and effective communication skills in them.

Analyzed speech related deficiencies in students, learning to speak in English language and carried out corrections in their pronunciation abilities,  and neutralized their accent by removing traces of mother tongue influence also taught the importance of intonation, articulation and voice modulation techniques.

Note : I have got good collection of study material which I can share with you.





Experience: 20 years

About me


Hello Dear Learner,

Warm Greetings for visiting my profile page ! My name is Ramesh N. Advani , I was born and raised in New Delhi , the capital of India. I did my schooling from Harcourt Butler Higher Secondary School with Science Subjects. Thereafter, I did Engineering from New Delhi.

After completing Engineering studies I worked as a Trainee Engineer with MNC (Multi National Corporation) M/s Cummins Engine Company Inc. Columbus, Indian USA’s India Distributors and later on joined as an Assistant Manager Sales and Services for M/s Parry & Company Limited and served them for five years and then started my own Engineering Enterprise M/s Karam Engineers.

In the year 1994 my elder brother Mr. Anand introduced me to a ' Well Reputed International,Non-Profit Making Educational Enterprise 'which aroused my deep interest in the field of Education, Communication, Leadership and Soft Skills Development and as a result I diversified from my Engineering Business to the field of Education. Since then I have not only transformed my life but also the lives of my many students for the good.

Initially, I started imparting training to my friends in small group meetings, then by visiting their homes and offices and later on joined as a full time faculty for ‘Premium Quality Professional Training Institutes’ namely NIIT (National Institute of Information Technology) and Let’s Talk Institute (P)Ltd., Awarded as the best English Language Institute -2012 by BIG BRANDS & BIG RESEARCH ACADEMY IN MUMBAI (india) for Imparting Accent Training in American /British /Neutralization, Business and Executive English, IELTS, TOEFL, TOEIC AND 'TRAIN THE TRAINER PROGRAM

Besides the above professional experience, I also got myself extensively trained and later on worked for a very well reputed French Web-Site as an ‘Online Spoken English  Language Trainer’ and provided my professional expertise to French, Arabic and African speaking students of all the levels with different training modules as per their requirements.

Well, I have specialized in imparting training to Job seekers to assist them in their job selection process by providing training in ‘Group Discussions and clearing ‘Personal Interviews’ for securing their dream Jobs.

Whatever be your reason and need for learning to Speak in English Fluently and whatever be your level of learning, whether you are just a beginner, intermediate or an advance learner and whatever be your native language, English, French, Arabic, Japanese’s or Chinese…I promise, you will love my training methodology, pedagogy and have an excellent value from your participation in my Training Sessions.

Simply Log on to your Skype Account, and add me as a contact. In case you do not have skype on your computer then just install Skype free video calling application from www/skype.com  . Create your skype ID and add me as a contact.

a)   My Skype user ID is  : advani.r.n   

b)    Please send me your request on Skype Instant Messenger (IM) for booking your First Free Test Trial Session of 45 Minutes duration. Please mention Date and the Time (Your Local Time / Indian Standard Time) as per your convenience.Alternatively send me an email on my buddyschool email system.

c)    In case you feel satisfied that you will get full value out of your participation in my Training Sessions ; make payment and register your sessions with me.

d)  You can book your training sessions at the rate of only $ 12 an hour.

e)  If you book 10 sessions or more you pay at the rate of $ 10  an hour.

So, may I now look forward to see you soon in my first free training session.

I wish you the very best in your all the future endeavors and be blessed always.

With Best Regards,

Wishing you happy learning,

 Ramesh N. Advani

 +91 98196 30147