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nick Peter101
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Master of Arts degree in Public Affairs Communications from the School of Communications of The American University in Washington DC USA.


Ba chelor of Arts degree in Social Sciences from the College of Arts & Sciences of the University of Massachusetts USA.


Gr aduate Program of Teacher Education and Training of the College of Education at the University of Georgia USA, leading to earning the Certificate of Educator issued by the Professional Standards Commission of the State of Georgia USA.


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Experience: 25 years

About me



Today is a very good day for you because you have found the tutor you have been searching for to provide you with an education in Business English.

Why am I the International Business Engllsh tutor you have been searching to find?:

I am the tutor you have been seeking because I know that a local and/or International Business English teacher abroad must be experienced in globalization, business, education, foreign languages, foreign cultures, foreign political economies. Since 1996, I have operated businesses and taught in China, South Korea, Thailand.

I am highly qualified and I am extensively experienced in each every of the above respects. 

In other words, a young teacher who is recently an inexperienced university graduate is hardly qualified to teach anything, Business English especially and in particular.

You and I together can accomplish much because, while you will learn from me needed English conversation skills and other other aspects of English, you will learn mainly local and/or International Business English.

I have owned and operated business in the United States and abroad, here in East Asia. I know that businesses usually have a very focused aim as to what they want to accomplish.

You and I know that as a local and International Business English learner you are quite different from the typical language school student. You are often, though not always older than the average student, You can be more experienced and tired from a long day at work.

You and/or your parents have a definite idea of what you want to learn.  Also, sometimes, you are often required to take English classes if you want to progress in the family business or in a corporation where you may be a stranger. 

The best way for you and I to start is to first identify your individual needs and the needs of your employer, whether the employer may be your parents or a boss you don't know. After all, you are my client/customer who is paying me to help you succeed in Business English.

So i want to know about your business, what your business does, what you do or want to do in the business or corporation, the products and services the business or corporation provides. I want to know these important matters so I can include them in the lessons as much as possible.

Business people need to earn money while providing a need to the community, and while being efficient, professional, pleasant, friendly. So let's begin now before you and I lose any more precious time or money.




Business English needs analysis for a new generation of learners and educators  

If a question is not appropriate, or you are not sure, please ask me.


Nickname (optional):


Real name in English:


Real name in your native language:


What is your job title (or the title you will hold soon)?


What is your job description?




Which activities in your work do you (or will you) mainly need English for?








How important are the following?)


Negotiating (agreeing plans, prices, contracts, etc.)

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant





Speaking on the phone - general language and for arrangements

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant




Speaking on the phone to discuss business

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant





Understanding written material (technical/economic articles, etc.)

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant

(Write here:)



Writing faxes, e-mails or letters

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant




Using English for general travel needs (booking into hotels, etc.)

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant





Understanding other people at international meetings

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant




Participating in meetings by contributing views and ideas

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant




Presenting information (e.g. plans, statistics) clearly in meetings

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant




Answering questions in meetings

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant




Talking about business in informal settings (over lunch, etc.)

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant




Interacting socially (general, non-business talk) with visitors and at conferences, etc.

Very important - Fairly important - Unimportant




Please write a few sentences concerning anything that you marked "very important" (e.g. if you marked "writing faxes, e-mails or letters" as very important, please explain who you write to, what you write about, why it's important, what you need to improve, and anything else you can think of).

(Write here:)









Do you have other needs for English, or more specific aspects of any of the above (e.g. using legal or financial language)? If your response is 'yes,' write a few sentences to state your needs.

(Write here:)








Do you have any special personal interest in English or language in general (e.g. holiday travel, reading literature)? If you might have a special personal interest, kindly write a few sentences to state what they may be:

(Write here:)









Do you have to take a standardized test (e.g. TOEIC, TOEFL)? If so, which one? If so, when? Do you want to take a standardized test? Or do you believe you should take a standardized test?








How much work and time do you want to invest in the course (e.g. homework)?





Is there anything else I should know (e.g. what you expect from the course, what you want to study- grammar, vocabulary, pronunciation, etc.)? If so, kindly write some sentences to state your wants:









Goals (what are you going to learn): Please write in the following space:









Objectives (how we're going to achieve the goals- This is my job so It's OK if you don't have any ideas ha ha. However, if you do have ideas I'd seriously love to hear them!):






Method (What kinds of activities do you like to do in class? Again this is my job, but do you know what activities you enjoy and learn from? For example, do you want to visit some businesses where English is used?):







What do you expect in terms of homework?






How shall we measure your progress? (There is an easy option and a hard option: If I measure your progress I'll need you to take tests or write reports about what you've learned. If you choose to measure your own progress, tests and reports won't be necessary.)




Here's how I shall measure your progess and development in Business English. The following methodology is predicated on Prof. Bloom's Education Taxonomy from the United States:


Knowledge of content (e.g., facts, terms, definitions, procedures) Demonstrates limited knowledge of content Demonstrates some knowledge of content Demonstrates considerable knowledge of content Demonstrates thorough knowledge of content Understanding of content (e.g., concepts, principles, theories, relationships, methodologies and/or technologies) Demonstrates limited understanding of content Demonstrates some understanding of content Demonstrates considerable understanding of content Demonstrates thorough and insightful understanding of content


The identical criteria shall be used to establish the following in respect of your Business English progress and development in,


*Comprehension of Business in English content based on Knowledge, Understanding 


*Analysis of Business in English content using Knowledge, Understanding, Comprehension  


*Evaluation of Business in English content in respect of Information to Include Data,  Data Bases, Graphics


*Synthesis of a comprehensive Business Education content using the predicate of the English language.