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DETAILED English grammar, REAL English idioms

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nick ehitz.tutor
country Canada
languages English, Spanish


UBC, Canada: B.A. (Linguistics and English)

Cambridge: CELTA (Certificate in English Language Teaching to Adults)

SFSU: Instructional Design 800 (towards a master's degree in TESOL/ ESL teaching)


Teaching experience:

ILSC Vancouver (2011-present): Full time English language teacher.

Canal Allicance (2014):  Part time English language teacher. Spanish/English bilingual classrooms.

Estelí, Nicaragua (2013): Set up an English study program through CENAC. Trained volunteer teachers and advised on teaching resources.

VanWest College (2011): Taught specialized skills courses including writing and speaking-focused classes, as well as preparation classes for Cambridge exams.



Experience: 5 years

About me


I am a native English speaker (American living in Canada.) I have been working full time as an English language teacher, in a real classroom, for the past four years. I am an excellent and highly-trained teacher, working at one of the best language schools in the world. My education has focused entirely on the English language, unlike many other online English teachers.

What I can offer you:

Learn REAL, useful English--

I promise I can tell you more about English-- REAL English-- than other teachers and textbooks. I  specialized in English idioms for my BA degree and have given presentations to other teachers about how to teach idioms. A lot of older teachers will teach you idioms that sound strange for younger people-- not with me!

Grammar, explained completely--

Some teachers just repeat the grammar rules from a textbook and can't answer your questions any other way. I really love and understand English grammar and can help you understand some confusing grammar areas. Examples: present perfect and past simple-- when to use them? When should you use phrasal verbs? I can answer, in detail, any of these questions and more.


>>>Hablo bien el Espanol y le puedo explicar cualquier cosa. Como estudiante de Espanol (diez anios) y profesora de Ingles, soy expierta de la diferencias entre las dos idiomas.