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nick julymist
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I have always been attracted to the sounds of new languages and the peculiarities of foreign cultures. My grandmother was from Croatia and as a little child I remember having conversations with her in Croatian. Sadly, I did not continue to speak it after I grew up, but I have known ever since I was small that learning and speaking a different language is fun! 

My interest in langauges really picked up in high school. I attended a small quaker school in Pennsylvania and was lucky enough to make a lot of international friends there. A lot of the foreign students were Korean. I found the language fascinating and I decided to major in Korean Studies in Universtiy. Studying Korean really helped me understand the challenges of learning a new language. This experience has made me try hard to think about constructive ways to teach English as a foreign language. 

I completed my Master's degree in Korean Linguistics in Seoul, Korea and continued on to finish my PhD coursework in East Asian Studies there. While living there as a student, I taught English at various institutions and privately, to both children and adults.Then, after coming back to the US with my family, I started teaching online. I have been an online tutor for three years now, and I love having the opportunity to meet new students from various countries. I want to learn about you, where you come from, your language and culture. And it is always a pleasure to share my language and culture with you. 

Experience: 14 years

About me

Learn and improve your English with fun and relaxed video conversations. I am a Linguistics major with 14 years of experience teaching English as a second language. I lived abroad for eleven years as a student and a teacher. I have friends from many countries in the world and I am accustomed to various accents and cultures. I will listen to you with patience and discuss your topics of interest. We will taylor the lessons to your specific needs. Do you need to learn in a structured way, using various books? No problem! Do you prefer to practice free talking? I can provide fun topics and do minor (or major, if necessary) corrections as we talk. Whether you are a beginner or advanced does not matter. Tell me what you want to learn or which parts of your English you would like to improve on and we will work from there. I will help you with your conversation, grammar, reading or writing skills. Take a free class on Skype to help you decide!