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Learn Spanish with Gabriel, a native Spanish speaker!

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nick GabrielGil
country Venezuela
languages English, Spanish


1) 3 years of face to face particular lessons of English to all kinds of people in Venezuela.

2) 3 years of face to face particular lessons for kids of the formal aspects of the Spanish in Venezuela.

3) 6 months of online particular lessons of Spanish via Skype with 5/5 classifications on every class.

4) Own teaching methods and guides elaborated by me exclusively for each student so they can understand the lesson better.

5) Living all my life in Venezuela, i'm completely qualified to help you improve your Spanish. Nothing better than a Native tutor!

Experience: 3 years

About me

Hi there new students! My name is Gabriel and i´m a native person from a Spanish-talking country, what this means is that I talk, write and understand the language perfectly. I know what we use on informal and formal situations as well as the specific terminologies you need to use in a really formal scenario such as your job or the university. I understand how hard could it be to learn a new language, that's why i will make it as easy as possible for you!


Mi learning Spanish program consists in 5 levels:

1) Fresh-start----> For beginners that don’t know anything about Spanish and need to start fresh.

2) Beginners-----> For beginners that have a really basic knowledge of the language.

3) Intermediate--> For students with a widest notion of the language that can manage to communicate with other Spanish talking people, as well as writing and reading in a basic manner.

4) Advanced-----> For students with an advanced level of Spanish that need to increase their knowledge in specific and formal aspects of the language.

5) Profesional----> For students that knows how to talk and write in Spanish; that speak fluently and just need to deepen formal and labor terminologies.

In the first class I will hear you speak and see your writing and I will classify you in one of the 5 levels and then we will start the specific class you need to raise your Spanish level.

The best way to learn a new language is to talk it, and what better way than talk it with a native Spanish talker?

I will take you from your Spanish level to the top, you will learn Spanish.