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nick mikeyocon
country Ireland
languages English


I have 1 years experience teaching from grades 3-6 in China the previous year and have greatly enjoyed my experience teaching.

I had also completed a 120 TEFL certificate from I-to-I last year. This included:

   60-hr Online TEFL Course,

• 20-hr Grammar Awareness Course,

• 10-hr Teaching with Limited Resources Course,

• 10-hr Teaching Large Classes Course,

• 10-hr Teaching English One-to-One Course,

• 10-hr Teaching Audio and Video Lessons Course.

I also have a B.Sc in Music, Media & Performance Technology.

Experience: 1 years

About me

Hello my name is Michael O'Connell,

I'm a 25 year old University graduate with 1 years experience in teaching English from Ireland. I teach younger students aged from 8-12 years.

I  teach grades 3- 6 in a range of topics such as:

grade 3:

Rules in school ( Don't talk in class)



Plus and Minus( Numbers and adding and subtracting in English)

Hide and seek ( e.g. the boy is beside/behind/next to the desk)

My family and I ( I have 1 father, 2 brothers and no sisters)

Sweet and juicy ( topic about fruits)

Western holidays ( Christmas, halloween)

and much more...

grade 4: 

My new teacher

My favourite day ( includes school subjects, what you do after school)

Seasons changing ( The weather and seasons topic)

Fancy dress party( Clothing)

How are you feeling

and much more....

grade 5:

My favourite subject


Our bodies

Weekdays and Weekends

Countries and Cities

and much more...

grade 6:

Same or different

Showing the way ( Directions and different huilding types)

Weather ( More detail on weather descriptions)

Sending a letter or an email

and much more...

I can supply plenty of powerpoint files on topics and have a range of media material i can give to students such as videos and audio files.

If you have any questions, please don't hesitate to ask.