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Business Mandarin: Speaking, Reading and Writing

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nick zhuoling
country Netherlands
languages Chinese, Dutch, English


4+ years experience of business analyst in multinational professional service sector

MSc in Environmental Economics, Nankai University, China

Experience: 4 years

About me

Do you plan to do business with Chinese government or companies, considering that China is clearly the next growth engine for most multinational corporations, as the country’s consumers and companies buy more and become less price-sensitive?

Or are you planning to start a career in China, since China's economy remains strong and job prospects are not so bleak in your home country? Work in China is challenging and fast-paced, and young executives get far more responsibility than they would back home. Executives with experience in China will be in high demand back at headquarters and at leading business schools in coming years, so getting a couple of years of China work experience on your resume certainly can’t hurt.

The land of milk and honey is calling. The very tool you should use to bring your boat to the land is decent Mandarin, particularly in Business professional's mode.

Having been with a multinational management consulting firm in Beijing for several years, I have worked on dozens of business projects with municipal governments and local leading companies. Not only have I got excellent experience in business reporting, but also advanced communication skills in Chinese business culture.

I would like to help you improve business Mandarin in every respect: speaking, reading and the most important, writing.

I am happy to introduce practical communication skills in Chinese business culture, which could help you go even smoothly on the way to achieve your success.

I can also help you proof-read Chinese documents, such as proposals, reports, articles, etc. High quality guarantee!

So, are you ready?  Just simply click "Ask a question" , and I will be there.