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nick pr.ashu.antkumar
country India


1. Bachelor in Education from IGNOU.

2. B.Sc. (Engineering) in Computer Sc.

Experience: 7 years

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नमस्ते !!

You may infer the importance of Hindi language from the fact that it is the second most spoken language in the world after Mandarin Chinese. It’s estimated that nearly half a billion people worldwide speak this wonderful language.
The importance of Hindi is beneficial regardless if you do it for fun or for your career or even just for personal travel. This is for many reasons...

First.. If you have a chance to travel in India land, you will become a excellent guide for your team. It is well known that India is a beautiful place which has many interesting historical heritages as well as many attractive places, so if you travel in that country, you will make use of Hindi language to chat with the native people there, and you will get more useful information from them, and you will enjoy your trip because you can understand the Indian culture better.

Second.. Companies that eye operational and sales expansion in the South Asia region are mostly recruiting people who are familiar about Indian culture and who could articulately and fluently speak and write Hindi. People who can fluently speak and write Hindi are actively recruited for South Asia companies as well as companies internationally. It would truly be to your advantage if you would be able to speak and write Hindi.

Third.. Hindi is a old beautiful language which has a lots of Indian poetry, literature as well as many sacred texts, and most of these poetry and the literature are very worth of reading, so if you are very interested in good literature, you can have a deep study on the Indian literature and learn the spirit of the Indian culture at a deep degree.

Fourth.. in the modern times, there are more and more excellent Indian films coming form the India countries. However, if you can learn Hindi language well and understand Hindi language well, you will enjoy the Indian films better.

To genuinely understand the importance of Hindi language you have to learn the actual language yourself to help you receive the full benefit of this amazing language later. In fact, latest research as shown that learning a second language helps fight against Alzheimer’s disease and slows down the aging effects of the brain.