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nick MarcelaSimja
country Colombia
languages English, Hebrew, Spanish


1. I have a degree in Comunications at the university of Cauca - Colombia  2. . I took 2 Feldenkrais workshops with Alan Questel (Cali - Colombia)      3.  I took a Feldekrais workshop with Lea Kaufman (Cali - Colombia)           4.. I studied English in Cambridge Language Centers (Popayán - Colombia) 5.  I learned Hebrew in my house! ( Popayán - Colombia)                                  *   In Cambrigde I took a very intensive teaching training for teaching spanish though english. For Children and adults

**I worked in a special interchange Cambridge program for helping foreigners to get better on their spanish. This has been for the last 5 years and i had a great recognition for using Feldenkrais Method, an education method that  I introduced in my classes, and had unique results in children and especially in adults.

***I also worked in Cambridge during 9 months last year teaching english for children and adults in my town. 


Experience: 5 years

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Enjoy a 60 minutes lesson

We will learn grammar in a very different way than other useless and boring methods. We will use Feldenkrais Method.

The speaking is a step we will learn and practice since the first class.
We will work based in movies, books, music, and games. We´ll also make some theater dialogues and monologues; and some acting techniques for losing fear and be able to adopt the accent, and movements, that make a language like spanish becomes a very interesting, beautiful and useful experience.

Day by day, you will discover a way to be capable to speak, read, listen, and be independent of courses, or teacher for ever.