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nick Paramita
country India
languages Bengali, English


Education< /p>

1. Mdhyamik (HSLC), 1995, TBSE, 1st Division, state highest marks in History

2. Uchcha Madhyamik, (HSSLC), 1998, TBSE, 1st Division, State highest marks in Bengali, Sociology, Psychology

3. Bachelor of Arts (Bengali Honours), Tripura University,1st Class First in honours, highest marks in Bengali, Psychology, Awarded University Gold Medal

4. Master of Arts (Specialization in Indian Comparative Literature), Tripura University, 1st Class 1st, Awarded University Gold Medal.

5. Ph.D. (submitted), 2014, University of Delhi, Topic: "A Critical Survey of  Selected Histories of  Bengali Literature"

Sc holarship

1.& nbsp; National Scholarship in 1993                                                                                  2.  Surendranath Niharkana Britti in 2000


Researc h Experience

Wo rked as a Project Fellow in a UGC Major Research project at Assam University, Silchar, w.e.f. , 25.07.07-30.06.09.


< strong>Teaching Experience

1. Worked as a Visiting Lecturer in Ramthakur College, Tripura, 2004-2005.  2. Worked as a Guest Lecturer in Zakir Hussain Delhi College,                    University of Delhi, 2009.

Seminar Participation:

< p>1. Presented a paper in an International Seminar on “New Horizons : Bengali Literature in the Nineties” organized by the Department of Modern Indian Languages & Literary Studies, University of Delhi  , on 17.03.2009.

2. Presented a paper in an International Seminar on “ History of Bengali Literature : Womens Perspective” organized by the International Congress of Bengal Studies  ,  held in the University of Delhi  , on 25th – 28th  February, 2010.

3.  Presented a paper in an International Seminar on, “Narir Sahityetihash : Sahityetihashe Nari” ,  organized by the Department of Bengali, Assam University, Silchar,   on 11th February, 2012.

4.  Presented a paper in a National Seminar on “Bohirbanga : Brihotbanga : Prantiyo Bangla o Bangalir Sahitya”, organized by the Department of Bengali, Sarsuna College, Sarsuna, Kolkata on 18th February, 2012.

5. Presented a paper in an International Seminar on “ Bangla Sahityer Itihaascharchaay Nari : Uposthapaner Duidhara  ” organized by the Third  International Congress of  Bengal Studies  ,  held in Calcutta University , on 19th – 22th  November, 2013.

6. Presented a paper in an International Seminar on “ Bangla Sahityer Itihaas Charchaay Nari : Pritritantrik Samaj -  Boishamyer Prekkhite” organized by the Department of Bengali , Assam University  , held on ‘ Social Inequality and Literature’  in Collaboration with ICSSR , on 16th – 17th  January, 2014.


Book :

&ld quo;Ginipig”, collection of Bengali Poems, Akshar Publications, 2009.

 Other Activities

Wo rked as Psychological Educator with Disha, an NGO, during February-October, 2006


Experience: 4 years

About me

I am a Bengali from Tripura. Presently I am residing in Delhi. Bengali is renowned as one of the sweetest lanugaues in the world. Learning Bengali will be an amazing journey which will give access to a wide array of fine literature in its original language. As a published author, I can help in improving the creative writing as well. I will make this journey of yours a very smooth, interesting and easy one. So start your journey now and discover an amazing world.