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UNLEASH YOURSELF & BURN CLEAN (coaching epic life decisions and optimizing what remains)

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75.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
Body & Mind / Motivation

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nick bkopp
country United States
languages English


Independently pursued personal and professional experiences not limited to:

-modern philosophy and psychology (emphasis in developmental models, optimal living, positive psychology, meditation, and spirituality)  (8 years)

-high-performan ce physical training (8 years)

-international documentary photography and portraiture (6 years)

-aviation (private pilot) (2 years)

-life coaching / consulting (1 year)


* currently based in the Seattle area

Experience: 0 years

About me

I've taken the varied background of my life and focused it into a perspective of critical analysis, deep compassion, and ruthless honesty to offer one-on-one coaching that unleashes my client's highest potential, deepest desires, and largest contributions. 

It's simply amazing how many people wait for months or YEARS on the edge of epic breakthroughs, quietly stuck by invisible blind spots and outdated stories.  Our conversations will go straight to these boundaries and explore what's *really* holding you back, while crafting a plan to leverage your strengths and move forward as gracefully as possible.

This process is fun, challenging, terrifying, exhilarating, eye-opening, life-changing, boundary breaking, and awe-inspiring.  It's more than likely that the "you" that begins this process will not be the same "you" that finishes it...most of us have a lot to burn away before our flame burns clean, but when it finally does, you'll hardly recognize the incredible life YOU created.

To be clear, this isn’t traditional coaching, training, mentoring, or friendly listening.  I bring an entire arsenal of tools and experience to the table, forged in my burning desire to wake up, live exceptionally, and empower others to do the same in accordance with their values.


I'm literally thrilled by the opportunity to serve *amazing* people in this way, and I always offer a free 1-hour conversation to see if we'd work well together. 

Come one, come all, consider this an open inviation to wake the f**k up and live your greatest life.