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nick henri.


I have two sets of education that I have now combined into a very useflu and for filling experience. I studied FIne Arts at the university oig=f Capoew Town,majoring in Painting and Photography, then I traveled for nearly ten years in and around Asia while teaching English at the same time.

It was a phenomenal experience and money cannot buy it. Asia taught me to be humble , bu t at the same time proud and tall and knowing I am whoi I am am, and YOU are who YOU are, asnd that respect is the only way of co-existance.

Right now I am am third year of study doing my BA Linguistics and communication science at the Uninversity of South Afic. Linguiistics is what brought everything together and I am forever greatful for the ability and priviledge to be able to succesfully study such a complex academic discipline.

We are words and words are just what we make it to be, so dont be constraint by to many rules and restrictions, when it is, are your choices and its your choice of wods that shaps your world and life.,so dont be intiomidated by words(semantics) we can controlthem iand use them to our bnenifit,. we vcan build bridges and overcome many obsticles by the right choice of words suited best to our personal self.


C ome and share with me, and I will share what I do best...TEACH YOU LIKE YOU ARE MY OWN!!!

Experience: 12 years

About me

In today's world, we are bombarded by a large amount of information, I think its time we take from it what we need and learn what is relevant to our own worlds. Teaching is one oif my innate qualities and a very stroing trait, it runs through my veins fro fiour genereations. 


Lets learn the things that we need and have to know to make life eaiser and more comfortable. You will immediatewly feel the sense of accomplishments and the magic of learning the here and now.