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nick vostok0421
country Mexico
languages English, Russian, Spanish


John holds a bachelor's of science degree in Business Administration, Accouting with over 20 years of direct and indirect experience with native English disciplines including:general English practices in Conversation, Spelling, Pronunciation (IPA), Grammar, Punctuation, and Listening Comprehension. He also has several years of experience teaching and implemeting corporate and general business subjects and terminology. Including: general corporate conversation, negotiations, management, meetings, sales, accounting, financial, and information systems.

Furthermore, he holds a license and certification in General Engineering and Contracting Practices, where conversational business terminology in native English were utilized. Including: policy and regulations, construction and general working practices, project management, scheduling, and daily operations in construction engineering and contracting practices.

In conclusion, John has combined his bachelor's of science degree, license and certification, and real-life experiences on and off the job! He has found that the native English disciplines are simply basic and routine, according to each students needs and requirements. However, there is a basic foundation that needs to be set in stone and implemeted for each student, for the correct growth and success of that student. This foundation consists of: 1.) Regular or routine converstaion, 2.) Spelling involving the alphabet system, vowels, and consonants, 3.) Pronunciation involving the International Phonetic Alphabet (IPA) and syllables, 4.) Grammar involving tenses, structure, and word order, 5.) Punctuation involving marks such as commas, periods, and capital letters for clarifying meanings, and 6.) Listening Comprehension for identifying a thesis, main idea/s, supporting idea/s, and the conclusion.

Experience: 20 years

About me

   John is from San Pedro de La Cueva, Sonora Mexico, and as a child raised and educated in the USA. He holds a bachelor's of science degree in Business Administration, Accounting and a license and certification in General Engineering and Contracting Practices through the Contractor's State License Board. He speaks, reads, and writes English and Spanish natively and only speaks Russian.

   His experience consists of several years of business, accounting, and construction practices with complex business terminology and negotiations. Involving communication, conferences, meetings, negotiations, law, and general business knowledge. In addition, information systems associated with subordinates and middle through senior management, where security and confidentiality are taken into account and implemented. Finally, accounting terminology, practices, and principles involving financial meetings, board of director meetings, company meetings, and stakeholder's/shareholder's meetings outlining the financial strengths and weaknesses of a company.

   While being educated in the USA, John found an interest in self-defense, where he managed to undertake, study, and compete in Greco-Roman Wrestling and Taekwondo Martial Arts. For seven years John was a gold-medal champion in Greco-Roman and Freestyle Wrestling within several weight classes. After his final year in Greco-Roman Wrestling, John took on Taekwondo Martial Arts for two years obtaining a rank of "Brown Belt".

   John looks forward to working with all of his students and incumbents associated with BuddySchool.com, and wishes the best to all! As John's biography comes to an end, his most important saying is, "SUCCESS IS WORKING TOGETHER NOT AGAINST EACH OTHER"!