Holistic Health & Happiness Coaching

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50.00 USD /single lesson (45 min.)
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nick NomadicKat
country United States
languages English, Hungarian, Spanish


Holistic Health Coach, Institute for Integrative Nutrition, NYC, NY, USA
Life Coach, Southwest Institute for Healing Arts, Phoenix, AZ, USA
MSc, Educational Sciences & Children's Rights, University of Amsterdam, Amsterdam, NL, USA
BA, Psychology, Cardinal Stritch University, Milwaukee, WI, USA
Certificate TESOL, Trinity College, Barcelona, Spain


Experience: 2 years

About me

I am a holistic health & happiness coach. My life purpose is to empower women to dare to live a happy and healthy life inside & out.  

As a holistic health & happiness coach I work with women who are craving to be themselves. As I give them the space to discover their dreams and get in touch with their intuition, they feel empowered and excited to get out of their current roller-coaster of chronic emotional and physical pain, emotional eating, self-hate, pain and frustration. Finally daring to be their true selves, my clients enter into a world of confidence, self-love, endless energy, happiness, health and freedom. I am inspired everyday by the beautiful transformations that take place during each coaching session.

I believe in the unconditional love, positive psychology and the power of plant-based living foods. I am a runner, traveler, health-maker, happiness-creator, nature-lover, free-hugger, writer, educator and a whole lot more. I dare to be authentically myself. I dare to embrace my own journey. I dare to be happy and healthy.

I am here to support you with any of the following issues:

  • gaining more happiness in your life
  • improving overall health 
  • improving energy
  • improving self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem
  • healing from chronic physical pain (e.g. headaches, fibro, digestion)
  • healing from chronic emotional pain (e.g. depression, sadness, anxiety)
  • healing from eating disorders or emotional eating issues
  • improved body image
  • weight loss, finding the right weight for your body
  • finding the exercise you enjoy, sticking to your exercise routine
  • finding your purpose, following your dreams
  • improving relationships
  • goal setting & reaching your goals
  • whole foods diets, plant-based diets
  • eating healthy while traveling or living a busy life
  • etc... anything physical & emotional health & nutrition related