Selfleadership - Personal Life & Family Coaching

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nick GuidoRosas
country Mexico
languages English, Spanish


  • I specialise in neuro linguistic programming
  • Worked within schools and companies as Ford, Nextel, MCI, Televisa, Axa Insurens and more.
  • Motivation, Self-Esteem & Confidence Coach Mentor
  • I have also worked with families and parents who are struggling with issues related to their children.
  • Writer of "Self Leadership" a simple text concepts and a practical book with an action plan to get great results.

Areas of specialist coaching:

  • Behav ior change
  • Motivation Focused Career Coaching
  • Helping the individual to explore what their passions are.
  • Building their motivation to get out there and leverage their innate talents.
  • gaining more happiness in your life
  • improving overall health 
  • improving self-confidence, self-love and self-esteem
  • finding your purpose, following your dreams
  • improving relationships
  • goal setting & reaching your goals

Experience: 20 years

About me

I have worked for almost two decades as a personal coach to improve Self Leadershio of so many people. I published my book: Self Leadershipf and have been working and dictating more of 1000 conferences in several countries of the Americas.


  • Help people to reach the best personal goals results as the best from relationships.
  • Building motivation and self-esteem through personal coaching.
  • To reach out the best of focused life & goals success.

My top priority is the well being of my clients and their families. To help people to explore their interests and further develop them. To help young adults realise their passion in life and release their inner potential.

Believing that given the right relationship and environment, every one has within them the inner resources to adapt and succeed.