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ENGLISH PHONETICS, Grammar, Conversation, etc.

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One year teaching non-native speakers in Mexico with a focus on pronunciation, grammar, reading, writing, conversation, verb usage, and presentation development.  I have also worked with students on correcting papers, translating websites, and developing CVs (curriculum vitae) and cover letters.

I studied Exercise Science with a double major in Spanish. I was involved in many extracurricular clubs, most notably the Young Americans for Liberty and a Fraternity. I worked while in school for a resturant and the University as a cashier and dishwasher and a resident assistant, respectively. As part of my leadership experiences, I have traveled to several leadership conferences in the southern United States.

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September 5, 2015

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CELTA Certified by International House in Mexico City, MX on March 30, 2015


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Hi Future Friends,

My services at a glance:

  1. Personalized evaluations after every class
  2. Personalized lesson plans designed for your needs
  3. Google Drive based file sharing
  4. Complete Phonetics Course in 15 classes (at your discretion)
  5. Grammar classes based on REAL and CURRENT material.
  6. Classes based on COMMUNICATION, not boring book work.
  7. Dynamic, unique, and variable conversation topics.

Pronunciation, accent reduction. If you know that your pronunciation needs improvement and you continue to read; you are mispronouncing words in your mind and reinforcing bad habits. Fix this now!

Schedule a lesson now to find out how to improve your accent to be more understandable to others. Once you thoroughly understand the sounds of English, your listening comprehension will improve as well. I will share personal resources that you can work with on your own between classes. I'll give you learning tips and coach you to achieve your goal of speaking in a clear and confident manner.

I have been teaching English for one year while living in Mexico. I am 25 years old, born in the United States, and interested in just about everything. Recently, I decided to make it my mission to travel to as many places as possible while I am in this amazingly beautiful country. Because of that decision, I am looking for some extra money to help finance my adventures.

I am a relaxed person who enjoys teaching fun conversational and gammatical classes about whatever subject you are interested in. My accent is clear and I am very patient. I like to ask my students what their goals are (speaking, grammar, listening, phonetics, etc.) and then focus my classes toward those needs in order to help improve my students' confidence and comfort in their abilities. I can appriciate how difficult and frustrating it can be to learn another language (having learned another one myself). So, I can help students cope with that and have a positive mindset.

With that being said, I am excited to be your English Teacher. I have experience teaching English Phonetics, which I believe should be taught along side Grammar as it provides a solid base on which to grow. Included in my Phonetics lessons are a basic form of IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) as well as descriptions of pronunciations with pictures

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