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Work / Business English / Fluency and Accuracy Building / Job Interview - Speak like a native

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nick kevinfar
country Australia
languages English, French, Italian, Maltese


TSOL(certificate of English language teaching) from Trinity College London.

Experience working for EF International Language School in Malta.  Conducted listening, conversation and mixed-skill classes. 2 years for 5 years.

B.S. in Business and Computing.

Interested in pshychology,  cultures and their people, travel, business ideas, sports, reading, and many more.

Experience: 5 years

About me

About me

Hi! My name is Kevin. Welcome to my page! Let`s get really serious about your English studies! I make my lessons as fun as possible and at the same time I give my full attention to my students and have a good rapport (connection) with them. The classes are PERSONALIZED, CENTERED AROUND YOU and MAKE YOU SPEAK.

I`m an EXPERIENCED TSOL (CELTA equivalent)certified teacher and I use a lot of CURRENT, REAL-LIFE and TO THE POINT MATERIALS especially for pre-intermediate level and up. You will learn the most real life, native-like language in our classes. If you want personalized, student- and speaking centered lessons, contact me.

The prices are as follows:

1 hour - $25

25 mins - $12

Use What You Know: I see students who have studied in classroom settings for years, have a lot of knowledge mostly in grammar, reading and writing but can`t use what they have learned, so I make them speak because your speaking can improve only by speaking.

Sound Natural: I see students who have been taking classes for years having great vocabulary, but sound unnatural when they start speaking in English. I teach them how to rephrase their sentences so they sound like native English speakers.

Link and Speak Fluently: I see students who sound unnatural because they don`t know how to link words in spoken English and don`t use common word partners, so I help them to learn how to link and teach them collocations so they become more fluent.

Get Rid of Mistakes: I see students who still make basic grammar mistakes after years of studying, so I help them to get rid of bad habits by correcting them and reenforcing the rules.

For intermediate level and up I make classes interesting by selecting thought provoking videos. You watch the video before class, I even send you questions for detail and discussion. We have a conversation in class, discuss content, useful vocabulary and practice pronunciation.

For beginner and lower levels the lessons have to be more structured but I try to avoid textbooks as most of you have been through those multiple times.

I teach phrasal verbs (those are what natives like to use), expressions and idioms through short stories. I use current news with exercises and discussion questions so the lessons are up-to-date and we can talk about what is happening in the world around us.

For business Enlish learners we focus on business vocabulary (even elementary and pre-intermediate level), phrases, language for presentations, meetings, the phone,negotiating, socializing and writing.

For preparing for a job interview we can check your resume and cover letter and practice your answers for common and tricky interview questions so you can be ready and as relaxed as possible for the actual interview.

Whatever your goal is, I will help you reach it. I have helped many students

- to communicate in English

-to get ready for moving to an English speaking country

-get a job abroad

-prepare for a summer of English studies abroad and travel

-prepare for a job interview

-get more familiar with business vocabulary and phrases and situations

I teach teens and adults of all levels focusing on SPEAKING, LISTENING and improving your COMMUNICATION skills. Business English learners are also welcome .

FREE introduction LESSON-20 mins

Besides using Skype, I use CUTTING EDGE, INNOVATIVE online tools to make your online experience more beneficial.


- using class time maximally focusing on you and your language needs - PERSONALIZED lessons considering your goals, requests, level and schedule

- always punctual and reliable service

- friendly atmosphere and good mood - free trial/consultation lesson for 20 mins

- use of INTERESTING, INNOVATIVE ONLINE TOOLS to help the learning process

- homework and learning aid

I am bilingual English/Maltese and a learner of Spanish, French and Italian, so I understand learning a language inside and out.

CANCELLATION POLICY: Minimum 1 day before the scheduled lesson time.

What you need: - Skype account - headset - webcam, and that's it!

Contact me for available times. I`m looking forward to working with you!

 Have a great day!