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Math tuition for High School from a Math Professional of 20+ years experience

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35.00 USD /single lesson (60 min.)
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nick sikdar
country India
languages Bengali, English, Hindi


Bachelor of Technology (B Tech) in Mechanical Engineering from Indian Institute of Technology (IIT) Kanpur. 



Experience: 20 years

About me

Math has been a passion throughout my life - from my Bachelor of Technology days at IIT Kanpur to over 20 years of my professional life. I am a data scientist and a cloud economist, and maths and statistics are at the core of what I do.

I am equally passionate about teaching math. 

Having successfully appeared for some of India’s toughest math exams (Olympiad, IIT JEE) I have come to believe that with effective guidance and a well planned strategy, even a student with declared low mathematical aptitude can succeed in any math exam. 

My teaching strategy is adaptable to the student and the examination(s) being prepared for but the following principles always remain the same: 

  • Rigorous study of concepts with extensive practice till student is sufficiently confident 
  • Identify exam patterns, and create and follow an intensive - problem solving plan 
  • Develop and follow a method to attain near-zero defect performance for the exam day 

Single session will cost you $35/hour. But sign-up for the long-term and you will get deep discounts. Plus:

  • A lesson plan/schedule to teach the concepts for the entire course 
  • You get to email me your homework/problems/queries anytime and I will provide a solution with clear explanations either over email or in the next online session.
  • Lots of free practice problems specially picked by me that address your problem areas
  • Specially requested session(s) before your exams for clearing doubts, solving last minute problems, advice etc. will be provided free
  • Free mentorship and advice from a practicing mathematician should you want to seriously take up Math in college later (GRE,SAT)
  • You might actually get passionate about Maths and learn it the fun way

I teach with online interactive tools that will allow you to write, type, draw, share documents, and chat. Tuition sessions are recorded for you to replay later.  

A free 15 min session on a Math topic of your choice. 

I am currently open to taking Math tuitions only for the advanced years (11 & 12) of the K+12 system e.g. IB Diploma, GCSE/IGCSE/Cambridge A-Level 

gmail me at sikdars or ping me on skype @ sid.sikdar