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Paranormal Investigator Certification Course / Scientific Approach

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nick Pereda
country United States
languages English, Spanish


I am a Certified Paranormal Investigator. I got my CPI through the Institute of Mataphysical Humanistic Sciences (IMHS). I wrote the book "Becoming a Paranormal Investigator".

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Experience: 9 years

About me

Paranormal Research has made a breakthrough by using modern technology. Currently spirits are regarded as a form of energy which can be detected and localized. And yet, it is posbible communication between living people and spirits.

There are three approaches to paranormal research: the scientific approach, the spiritual approach and the blended approach. The scientific approach is characterized by meticulous research of the phenomena, and the use of tools to demonstrate the presence of spirits - or not - in a given location. The spiritual approach is based on communication with spirits through the mind, and requires no tools. The blended approach takes the tools of the scientific approach, and procedures of the spiritual approach.

In this course we will learn the scientific approach to Paranormal Investigation. We will learn to go to the area where it is suspected the presence of spirits with the idea that "there is no spirit present". We will try to rule out the presence of spirits through photography, the use of video cameras, audio recordings, and many other resources. If we can not explain the phenomena by means od natural laws, and we can obtain sufficient evidence - as compelling recordings, then, and only then - we accept that there are spirits present.

How does Paranormal Investigation use audio recordings for communicating with spirits?  How can we avoid our imagination when analysing photos and videos? These and many other questions will be answered in this course. this course includes:

* Fundamentals of Paranormal Investigation

* Tools for collecting evidence

* Step-by-step Investigation

* Ruling in or ruling out paranormal activities in the location

* Solving the case 


After completion of this course, you can take the Paramornal Investigator Exam by Expert Rating Global Certification, and get the Certificate and Transcript. Certification costs $70.

You can see more details of this course here.