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nick aebberay
country United Kingdom
languages English, French


I am currently attending the University of Glasgow and working towards a Bachelors' degree in English literature/Italian, with History as a minor. However, next year I will return to the States and do a Physics/Astronomy degree with a History major.

I completed my European Baccalaureate with for main options: Physics, Chemistry, Mathematics, and History. My exams also included Philosophy, French and English. I also did some Biology - relating to ecology/animal behavior/evolution

Experience: 4 years

About me

Whether it's for school, for university with a set syllabus, or simply for the ecstatic pleasure of learning a new language, I'm here to help. I'm bilingual in both French and English (so we can communicate either way).

I'm aware that learning a language is quicker if you practice the language constantly. Developing oral skills as well as written is fundamental. Depending on the level you are at, I will either speak to you in French for every lesson. I was taught Italian and Spanish this way and found it very efficient. The first day I walked into my Italiand and Spanish class the teacher only spoke the respective language. I understand that this can be distressing for students at times, so we will together find a balance.

I will teach you how to pronounce correctly words, teach you useful vocabulary, grammar and spelling. If you want to know more about the history/culture of France, we can also touch on it during lessons.

Just let me know what you're aiming towards.