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Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian and Levantine Colloquial

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nick marwamousa
country Egypt
languages Arabic, English


I have a wide experience for teaching to different ages and many nationalities. I teach Modern Standard Arabic, Egyptian and Levantine Colloquial Arabic (Beginners, Immediate & Advanced) Online and face to face.


I am graduated from Dar El-Uloom College, Cairo University where i studied Arabic language (Literature, Grammar, Literary Criticism, Literature History, Eloquence & Phonetics) and Islamic Studies (Quraan, Sunnah, Hadeth, Islamic History, Aqida, Feqh, Shareaa, Quraan Eloquence & Islamic Philosophy)


I participate as a Arabic Language Teacher for illiterates Egyptians in "Life Makers" Institution & in "Resala" Institution. Also I participate as a Arabic Language Teacher for blind students in "Resala" Institution.


I have certificates in Teaching Arabic as a Foreign Language from Cairo University & from "Eqraa" Institute for teaching Arabic language to Non Arabs which also i was working in as an Arabic language Teachers to Non Arabs.


I have Ijaza in Tajweed of Al Quraan from "Wa Ratel" Academy. I've studied Qur'an from a young age & in my college of Dar Al Uloom. I have an experience in teaching Recitation & Tajweed Rules to Non Native Arabic Speakers Muslims.


< p>I have awards from "Life Makers" Institution for my cooperation in the great project of illiterate Egyptians "Knoweledge is Power" which i am from the first ones who established it in my city.


I Also have a Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science College, Ain Shams University. I have a good experience in the Software Engineering field. I am using professionally a lot of different programs such as Photoshop, Flash & Office which by i prepare my own learning presentations & materials.


I have many awards in Journalism & Literature from my magazine & from the Egyptian Women Writers Union but i still dream of the Nobel Prize in Literature.


I customize my teaching approach based on my student’s needs & goals. I seek to improve the Student confidence in using the language skills with a focus on everyday life situations.


I am using a wide range of learning materials to make my lesson full of fun & attractive so that the student enjoys learning, using the language & challenge themselves to success.


< p>To learn any language successfully you should practice it with a native speaker & you have me. 


If you have any question, kindly don't hesitate to contact me. I am looking forward to hearing from you soon.


H ave a great day and thanks for reading my profile :)

Experience: 5 years

About me

Ahlan w Sahlan w Marhban :)


I am Marwa Mousa. A female Egyptian native Arabic speaker lives in Cairo. My Passion for Arabic language leaded me to change my life & career way from Senior Software Enginner to Profeesional Arabic Teacher to Native and Non-Native Speakers. Simply I wanted to be closer to the most thing I love, which is The Arabic language :)


Teaching isn't just a job for me but it is a life to interact with different nationalities and to share our cultures. Also Teaching is a challenge for me because there is no happier than seeing the joy of students eyes when they are able to use the Arabic language & enhance it day by day so I never give up as My dream is to share my passion for Arabic language to all the World.


I am very patient, flexible, well-organized, active and so friendly. Also I am fluent in English language. In my free time, I like reading, writing, photography, playing sports, making friends, helping others and learning new skills.