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nick Serg75
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Sergey Karavaev , I was a student of NMI, then experienced in secondary school of Nizhnekamsk town, RT, Russia.

The staff of the school are mainly young and consequently, energetic, enthusiastic and willing to experiment. At the moment I give 19 periods of English a week and observe other subjects in order to become better acquainted with the forms I teach. On the whole, discipline is quite satisfactory in my lessons, even when there is no other teacher in the classroom with me. I have found that the pupils are inattentive and badly behaved only when they are bored or when they sense that the teacher is not strict enough with them. Of course, some forms are noisier and less co-operative than others and there are always a few troublemakers who try to take advantage of my experience. 

Othe r the last 1 week I have had very little time to think of anything but school. Although I have only 11teaching periods a week I spend each evening preparing lessons and drop into bed absolutely exhausted. I try to mark homework, written exercises and tests in my 3 periods at school so that I don’t have to carry a briefcase full of exercise-books home every night – quite apart from preparing and giving lessons and marking a teacher has a thousand and other time – consuming duties attending staff meeting and meetings of the Parent – Teacher Association; sitting on committees; coaching school teams; supervising other out – of – school activities; writing school reports; answering parent’s questions; organizing educational visits and holidays at home and abroad; and so on and so forth.

The 1 week at school was something of a nightmare. I felt absolutely lost in what seemed an enormous, impersonal machine and was overwhelmed by the whole business of teaching. I felt depressed because I was firmly convinced that I should be an utter failure as a teacher. Most of all I dreaded the visits of my English methods tutor from the Institute, who is very competent but also extremely strict.  

However, the other members of staff have been so sympathetic and considerate, so willing to give me advice, that I have overcome my initial doubts and regained my self-confidence. Nevertheless, it still seems incredible that less than a year from now I will be a fully-qualified teacher.  

Experience: 1 years

About me

Sergey Karavaev

As I already mentioned, I have to teach 19 periods of English a week. The standard of pronunciation and intonation is excellent in the forms which I teach or observe; the result, no doubt, of the systematic use of the Language laboratory right from the beginning. On the other hand, the standard of written work is inferior to that of oral work.