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nick Camadi23
country United Kingdom
languages English


I have a Business and Administration degree obtained at Kingston University, UK.
I also have experience teaching English to individuals privately in my home who require additional support, whilst learning British English at one of the many language schools here in London.
I have also taught students privately in Mexico. I therefore have combined teaching experience of about two years.
I have mainly taught English to Germans, Mexicans (and other Spanish speakers), French, Italian, Japanese and many other native speakers of other languages.

Experience: 2 years

About me

I was born and raised in the United Kingdom so you will be learning from a native speaker.
I enjoy travelling, cooking (as well as eating and trying new foods), I also love working with people and meeting new people. This is one of the reason why I was an international student host, and love my job working with disabled adults and children. In my job I provide support to disabled ones making sure that they are not being financially abused or mistreated in any way. I also teach disabled children in music, arts and drama.
My work and previously being a student host has helped me to adapt to people, their cultures and to see people as individuals. Importantly I believe it has made me a better person, more patient, understanding and compassionate.
I think my friends would describe me as someone always smiling, ready to help, generous and a good listener. I would add that I am a fun person and very maternal towards my friends; also whatever I do I make sure I work hard and do my best.


British English is much more different to other types of English (American and Australian); whilst the grammar is more or less the same the pronunciation is very different. There is a clarity and fluidity you will gain from learning British English. The greatest benefit will be that you will be understood by all after learning to speak British English .
My approach is simple but effective:
1. I am not trying to change your accent, I do not want you to sound like me or the actors you see in the movies.
2. I will study firstly how you speak and pronounce certain words, letters and sounds
3. By understanding how your language works will help me see where you need to improve the most; this will be assessed in your free trial with a very simple test.
4. Now we will learn the sounds of letters and words that form the English language; thus allowing you to quickly learn the correct sounds you need to make in order to pronounce words correctly.
5. After sounds and pronunciation we will look at past, present and future tense.
6. Practice grammar
7. Finally conversational skills
This is a basic out line of how my classes are constructed teaching you the basic foundation, a good foundation will enable you to grasp speaking English quickly, effectively and correctly.