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English Lessons With Native Speaker (для русскоязычных!)

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nick Mike1981
country United States
languages English, Russian


A few words about me:

For my entire adult life (I'm 33), I've been a professional guitarist.  I love doing private instruction and have taught over 10,000 lessons in the last 12 years.  I love music and I love teaching.

For the past 5 years, I've been helping people learn English as both a professional instructor (mostly on Skype) and as a friend (most of my friends and acquaintances are not native English speakers).  I enjoy learning, discussing, and teaching language just as much as music.

I was born in the United States and have lived here all my life, but I am currently travelling back and forth between Europe and the US. 


Experience: 5 years

About me

My approach:

Most people studying English want to master the ability to communicate clearly and confidently in real conversations and this is the goal that I usually have in mind when teaching.  

Usually, when people study a language, they concentrate on learning rules, conjugations, declensions, etc. - and this is fine, useful information - but to actually speak a language you must be able to think differently than when you study a language.

Studying vs. Speaking

In my lessons we will spend some time studying.  I often assign some form of written homework, which we will review at the beginning of the next lesson.  I enjoy answering questions about grammar and usage.  I often use a textbook (I have a million f them in PDF format).  But, I don't like to spend a lot of time on these things in the lesson (unless you really want to!).

Instead, I prefer to spend most of our time actually speaking - using the language.  In many cases, I think that teachers are too focused on correcting mistakes.  I love correcting mistakes, haha.  But, I think it's important to give the student an opportunity to just speak.  To learn to speak fluently and confidently, you need to learn the skill of speaking without thinking.  You need to learn to keep talking and talking even if you make some mistakes.  And you can't learn that if I constantly interrupt you. 

Learning to Speak without Stress:

Further, if you are constantly worrying about making mistakes, then you won't be confident, you will think too much, and you will make even more mistakes!  This constant worrying and lack of confidence makes learning a language painful; it makes speaking scary and stressful.  This is not what we want.

What we want is to give the student a safe place to practice speaking without thinking about mistakes and rules.  This is not an easy skill to learn for many people (myself Included) and so I like to spend time in the lesson speaking.  Just real conversation (that I guide).  While we talk I make notes about important mistakes or mistakes that you make repeatedly.  Then we can discuss them after.


Lessons for Russian Speakers - Уроки иммено для русскоговорящих

I speak Russian.  I love the Russian language and the peoples and cultures that speak it.  Most of my students are Russian speaking and there are several advantages to having a teacher who speaks Russian:

  • I can explain grammar and other concepts in your native language.
  • I understand the concepts that are difficult to translate.
  • I know the specific problems that Russian speakers usually have when studying English.


Schedule and Availability:

Generally, I am available morning - afternoon for students in the Americas and late afternoon - late evening for students in Europe and (Western) Russia.  Contact me and we can talk about times.


Some Quotes from My Students:

"I've been studying English with Mike for around two years.  Initially, my English was rather weak; I made mistakes when I wrote and had to use a dictionary when reading.  Now, I actively use English at work when communicating with my supervisors and colleagues from Europe.  Native speakers have commented on my good pronunciation and correct grammar.  This is all thanks to Mike.  He is a very patient and experienced teacher.  The lessons are always interesting.  During the course of our study I have not only achieved substantial results in improving my English, but also learned many interesting things about other countries and cultures.  I can, with full confidence, recommend Mike as an excellent instructor."

- Alexey. Moscow, Russia.


"I have been practicing English with Mike for about a year, so I could study in a university abroad. Now I am in. All credits go to Mike."

- Asya. Den Haag, Netherlands.


"I always look forward to my next lesson with Mike, because with him I can work out grammar difficulties, as well as discuss international news and politics, turn the process of expanding my vocabulary into a game, and talk about music and literature!  Thanks to Mike, I've gained a sense of confidence that I can talk about all sorts of different topics in English with practically no preparation."

- Emile. Moscow, Russia.


"Mike has been teaching me English during 3 years and I love the way he explains the rules! He gives nice examples and uses them in different contexts, he does it in a simplest  way so it's easy to remember. The most valuable thing about him is that he cares! He is not just giving you information, but he is really interested in you knowing it. As a person he is reliable and honest, happy to have him as my teacher!"

-Vera. Pittsburgh, United States.