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Radio Frequency Integrated Circuit Design

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I have spent about 36 years in the RF Wireless Industry. Prior to this, I was the Co-founder, CTO of RF Solutions Inc, a leader in WiFi RF chips ( acquired by Anadigics). I have helped raise $17 million funding in my previous company, managed engineering organizations with 40+ engineers in large and small companies like Raytheon, Avantek, Northrop Grumman, ADC telecom, Micro Linear etc. Throughout my career I have developed 600+ RF IC Products using SiGe, GaAs (MESFET, PHEMT, HBT), BiCMOS technologies. I have been granted 6 patents and have published 45 papers in international journals..I finished my Ph.D. EE(RPI), MS Physics from University of Louisville(USA) and Masters from IIT Bombay, India.

Experience: 36 years

About me

In this course you will see the insights of the RF World! Let's briefly summarize what all you will learn in this course. We will start off with the Introduction to Radio Frequency and Integrated Circuits at wireless( RF) frequencies. We will also discuss the applications of RFICs at a system level.


You will initially learn about various RF parameters like S- parameters, VSWR, Reflection Coefficient, etc. and also understand the analysis of RF circuits and transmission lines using Smith Charts and Equations. Alongside, we will also teach you about some fundamentals like impedance matching and power measurement in decibels.


We will then glance through the captivating Integrated Circuit Fabrication process and the various steps, materials, and techniques involved in IC Fabrication. You will also learn about Foundries and PDKs and why they are important.


We will briefly look at the concept of VLSI Technology and how VLSI is associated with RFIC designing. Later, we will see the basics of CMOS and how CMOS is used in RF Design. Finally, you will learn about some interesting circuit designs like the RF Power Amplifier (PA) and the various RF power amplifier architectures and topologies.


This course will enhance your knowledge about Radio Frequency Design which is applied in most of the jobs available in top Wireless and Telecommunication based companies designing wireless products.


We hope you enjoy this course!!!