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nick DFDelaney
country Mexico
languages English


Experience: 9 years

About me

Hello!  My name is Dan, and I am a Canadian living in and teaching English in Mexico since 2006.

I have taught students of all ages, from young children to senior citizens, in language-specific schools, high schools and businesses.  My experience ranges from conversational English to TOEFL, and from proper classes to proofreading theses of PhD students.  I am also fluent in, and enjoy teaching IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet).

What I really enjoy, and what has proved to be very useful to many of my students is what I call grammar through conversation.  Many students find it boring to just sit down and talk about grammar rules.  Other students feel learning grammar rules is the only way to learn to speak properly.  What I like to do is start with a conversation, and through that conversation, grammar comes up.  I can point out and correct common errors -- casually, or in great detail, explaining rules (and their exceptions).  Students can also listen and ask questions: "Why did you say this instead of this?"  "What is the difference between this and that?"  "How do I know when to use this grammar concept?", etc.

I feel that with my experience, I can clearly explain any grammar concept.  In addition to grammar, I can also explain what is formal or informal, what is more common or less common, what is different in different cultures, what is more acceptable, what is modern vs. old-fashioned, slang, etc.

Living in and teaching in Mexico for nine years, I have seen and heard hundreds of students make several common mistakes.  This has really helped me to learn how to identify and correct these mistakes quite easily.  I am confident that I can help you identify, understand and correct any problems you are having.

Despite the fact that I am Canadian, I DO NOT speak like any of the characters on South Park!  I don't consider that I have an accent at all, and many students have praised me over the years as being very easy to understand.  I speak at a normal speed, and I speak very clearly.  With my neutral pronunciation and my years teaching IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet), I can also help you lessen your accent and improve both your pronunciation and your fluency, making you sound more natural.

Please feel free to contact me to set up a free, 30-minute introduction class.  You can talk to me, ask me any questions, and get a general feel for whether you think I would be the right person to help you improve your English.

Skype - dfdelaney