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nick Julianleon
country South Africa
languages English


Extensive experience in therapeutic psychology, crisis management, inclusive and supportive education with an emphasis on psychological health, potential development and disciplined mentoring

I have four university degrees comprising a Bachelors in Social Science majoring in Psychology and Religious Studies, an Honours degree in Religious Studies and a Masters degree in Psychology from the University of Cape Town. I also have an Honours degree in Psychology from Rhodes University.

I am a licensed Clinical Psychologist Allied Health Practitioners Council of Zimbabwe, AP0022


Experience: 30 years

About me

Experienced Clinical Psychologist offers psychological counselling and coaching to help live your life and your potential to the best of your ability.,

I focus on undersatnding the answers to the question...what does your life feel like for you? What do you want from your life and what is preventing you from making these things a reality in your life...depressed. anxious, confused, lost? I will help you understand in a calm, safe and supportive way so that you can deal with the issues and emotions that hinder you.

I believe that our purpose in life is to live the life that we have by striving to manifest our potential...whatever that potential may be...that energy we each possess to be creative, to be productive to use our minds, our hands and make a contribution to the wolrd and develop our lives at the same time.

Sometimes we forget to get to know ourselves. That is not always easy. Sometimes we don't feel particulary positive or loving towards ourselves....but psychological health is about being connected positively to yourself and of course to others....we are people through other people! Ubuntu! We live, learn, love and grow through each other.

The more we know who we are the greater the possibility of being at peace with oneself and one's life. Having energy and freedom to respond to those challenges that life dishes out whether we want them or not!

If we have that kind of psychological health....knowing who we are...strong positive connections to ourselves and others...then we get on with our lives....we build the path of creating our unique potential...whatever that may be.

Psychological health and living one's potential go together...we must have both in this life!