Practice your English/Spanish talking about Performing Arts with an Actor!

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nick RichieGuman
country Argentina
languages English, Italian, Spanish


Raised and born in the Colombian Caribbean, school finished at 16 at the Colegio Biffi La Salle and with a degree in human sciences. At age 19, graduated from La Bodega, School of Dramatic Art of Rubén Di Pietro in Bogotá. Arrives in Buenos Aires in 2007 with the only plan of taking one workshop called "Mascara Neutra" with Marcelo Savignone, finally he end up taking two more (Theatrical production "-2008" and "Clown’s game and dynamics" - 2009) In Belisario Teatro. In 2008 another workshop at the Manzana de las Luces with Jorge Gusman. Then in 2009 he spent one year at the Acting School of Augusto Fernandes. From 2010 to date he has alternated between various workshops with Beatriz Spelzini (Acting) where he was awarded a scholarship, then Timbre 4 (Theatre) and then at the Borges Cultural Centre (Contemporary Dance), then with Dario dukah and Jose Luis Sarré (Musical Theatre), Maruja Bustamante and Gael Policano Rossi (Playwriting), another intensive workshop with Augusto Fernandes, currently in a workshop with Marco Berger (Acting for Cinema) and Ezequiel Borrá (music production).

Other studies will include the Centro Colombo Americano which he qualified English-speaking, the Alliance Françoise (French I), also the Integral Yoga School and is currently studying at IES in J. R. Fernández Lenguas Vivas (Italian III).

As an Actor he has participated in Children's Theatre with Jorge Gusman in 2008, back in Colombia in January of 2010 he participated in the shooting of some interactive videos for the Theatre production of "Melodrama" of novelist Jorge Franco ("Rosario Tijeras", "Sin Tetas no hay paraíso ") and directed by Miguel Urrutia, then back in Argentina he joins the Kabalah Group of Walter Soares that year and is part of "Afrika" and "Volver a la Vida", finally the show was the winner of the ACE Award for best Music Hall . In 2010 after a 2000 people audition he got a role in one of the seven casts that were part of mega –underground- project of José María Muscari called “FEIZBUK”. In 2011 he joins "Malicia" of Martin Marcou and is also invited to participate in "4 ambientes" that in 2012 achieved to inaugurate the best web miniseries category at Martin Fierro’s awards, in which they only got the nomination. In 2012 and 2013, is part of "ESTAMPIDA” totally improvised show coordinated by Pilar Casanova at the Camarín de las Musas . He has also participated in shorts for film schools as the S.I.C.A. and E.N.E.R.C. and some television adds (Gancia, Maria Cher), wrote, acted and directed "Vixxxio" short film to be released in this current 2014. Currently perfoming the work in progress "CRECE”, a monologue he wrote and also plays and is directed by Natalia Carolina Pena and also performing "De Pájaros y Lobos" fantastic work inspired by songs of the rock band called La Renga, written and directed by Jazmín Beain.

Alongside his acting career, he joined the 3D dance film "Mixed Poetry" by Jmac Garin as Assistant Director. Since 2012 he is involved in the management in Buenos Aires of RARO, an intervened vintage clothing brand with a central store in Montevideo, Uruguay. Also manage the art gallery of Hotel Babel Boutique and is currently conceiving an art studio with friends. 

Experience: 9 years

About me

Basically we can discuss how my life as an actor has been. I've been on this career since I was a teenager in Colombia. I'm currently based in Buenos Aires and so far I've joined several projects. We are going to discuss all types of perfomring arts that I've been involved and also more:

-Child Plays
-Performance art 
-Music Hall
-Author's pieces.

Also I worked as a model, producer, and manager of a Urugayan based clothing brand. 
Discuss general art in Buenos Aires.